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Best Physical Therapist Brookline, MA

Boston Sports Medicine has been a trusted provider of physical therapy and the bets physical therapist for Brookline, MA since 1999. We are very selective in choosing the best physical therapists for you. Our physical therapists are all clinical educators for every physical therapy school in Boston.

It is not just the elite athletes that we treat, but we are also recognized experts in treating adolescents, manual laborers, and retirees.

Boston Running Center
1682 Beacon Street
Brookline, MA 02472
Tel: (617) 787-8700
Fax: (617) 787-8106
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Your Search to Find the Best Physical Therapist in Brookline, MA Ends Here

You will see the promise of best care on many competing practice websites. Our formula for success includes providing our physical therapists the most beautiful, functional, and comfortable work environments. We provide them all of the tools and equipment that they ask for. We have a very high demand for employment for these reasons. When you receive your care in a place where the staff is happy, you will have a very positive experience.

When you choose Boston Sports Medicine, you can rest assured that you will not only get a highly qualified professional to treat you, but you will be treated in a positive and welcoming work environment.

We have the Top Physical Therapists at Boston Sports Medicine

Best Physical Therapist Brookline MA
Physical therapy is an art and a science. Just as having all the right ingredients does not mean you will bake an award winning cake, only having the skills in rehabilitation does not mean you are a great physical therapist. At Boston Sports Medicine, our providers have years of clinical experience in post-surgical rehabilitation, running and sports injuries, shoulder, back and neck injuries as well as aquatic therapy. We have baked that cake hundreds of times, refined the recipe and won all of the awards. Our high customer satisfaction and positive reviews are proof.

For more information about the best physical therapist in the Brookline, MA area, please call Boston Sports Medicine. We will provide you with the high level of care that you expect. Request an appointment online or call us 24-hours a day at (617) 787-8700.


Request an Appointment today by calling (800) 346-9153 or use our online form.

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