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Combine DNA analysis with your Physical Therapy treatment!

Boston Sports Medicine provides you the most comprehensive treatment to ensure your best outcome, now and in the long-term.  We can integrate DNA analysis with your treatment to better understand your capabilities and limitations to develop the most personalized treatment available.  Your DNA is independent of your financial status, labels, and other social constructs. Learn how your inherited risks and predispositions can impact your health and wellness. 

DNA Analysis: Each subscriber receives a DNA collection kit, completes a short survey, and sends in a saliva sample. In collaboration with our partners, this sample is analyzed for carefully validated and curated panel of DNA variants relevant to musculoskeletal health and wellness.  As new genomic science emerges, your DNA analysis will be updated and incorporated into your plan.

Personalized Wellness Plan: Following receipt of your onboarding survey and lab results, you will have access to an app that creates a dynamic plan based on your specific genetics, history (medical and activity), goals, and priorities over time, as you interact with the app. The app will select recommendation cards that are right for you. These quick tips are on your app home screen and will help give you insights, exercises and ideas to help you achieve your goal.  Work through the cards and work through your goals. Work at your own pace. You can refresh your cards and your goals at any time.

Journeys: A series of in-depth programs within the app to help you navigate through helpful musculoskeletal health and wellness issues, such as, recovering from a moderate or serious injury, managing chronic joint pain, starting a new exercise program, and many more. If you need help losing weight or starting an exercise program or need treatment for sports injuries, Journey will guide you.

Integration with Physical Therapy: 

Your genetic profile will help us:

  • Choose more effective weight bearing and balance routines.
  • Suggest Vitamin D or Calcium supplements for Osteoporosis or consultation with and orthopedic specialist for bone density analysis.
  • Recognize risks for developing osteoarthritis, inquire about any previous fractures to assess any potential traumatic injury to the cartilage or ligament damage, and reinforce the need for care and techniques to avoid excess stress or weight on hips or knees (in exercise and daily life).
  • Recommend more days of rest between sessions and rehearse proper stretching and self-care techniques such as foam rolling for people with a higher likelihood for impaired muscle recovery.
  • Focus on proper stretching and warm up techniques (before exercise and performing any manual labor) for people with flexibility alterations, including ways to help prevent tissue damage for those with too much flexibility.
  • Educate someone on the potential for muscle damage and specifically rhabdomyolysis (and what warning signs to look for) should a person be a high risk for exercise-induced muscle damage.
  • Focus on range of motion, rest, recovery, and nutrition techniques and advice for anyone with a higher likelihood for tendon or ligament weakness as they need to be more aware of these factors in order to prevent injury.
  • Identify frequent sleep disturbances or experiencing excess stress or behavioral health concerns. Discus how these can impact their overall health and recovery and also how changes to nutrition and an exercise routine can be beneficial to sleep, mental health and stress management, especially if someone discovers they have a genetic tendency of developing a sleep disorder or depression.

DNA Analysis (one time fee): $199.00 (Includes full access to the app)

Analysis can be paid directly from a Flexible Savings Account (FSA) or a Health Savings Account (HSA).