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Post-rehab strength and conditioning is important for patients finishing up physical therapy (PT) because it helps to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and returning to normal daily activities, sports, or exercise routines.

Physical therapy focuses on the treatment and rehabilitation of injuries and illnesses, with the goal of restoring movement, function, and quality of life. While PT can be highly effective in achieving these goals, it is often a relatively short-term intervention that ends once the patient has met specific functional goals.

Post-rehab strength and conditioning helps to continue the progress made in PT by building strength, endurance, and agility beyond the level required for everyday activities. It helps to improve overall physical fitness, reduce the risk of re-injury, and enhance performance in sports or other physical activities.

Furthermore, post-rehab strength and conditioning can help patients to maintain the gains made in PT, even after their PT program has ended. It can also help to identify and address any remaining muscle imbalances, weaknesses, or limitations that may not have been fully addressed during PT.



Pricing Post Rehab / Strength and Conditioning Pricing

1-on-1 Private Personal Training

$85/session pay per visit

Initial consultation (required for new patients, waived if a graduate from our PT program) – $75.00

  • 1-on-1 Private personal training with BSM Exercise Specialist
  • Individualized monthly training program design geared towards the goals of the client
Couples sessions with a BSM Exercise Specialist
  • Initial consultation (required for new patients, waived if a graduate from our PT program) – $120.00
  • Follow-up Exercise Specialist session (46-60 minutes) – $100.00
Online Training/Post-Rehab Programming


  • Individualized monthly training program design
  • Coaching support – accessibility for questions, weekly check-ins, program adjustments, video form checks, etc.
  • BSM leverages Physiotec, a digital platform, to create and customize programs for our patients based on their specific needs and goals. The software includes a vast library of exercise videos, images, and instructions to supplement our coaching support.
  • Appropriate for non-injured clients as well as those looking for a structured and guided rehabilitation program from injury or surgery
  • Cost: $200/month – Personal Training
  • Cost: $280/month – Post-Surgical Rehab Programming
Hybrid Program Personal Training

Price Varies- See Below for bundle discounts

  • Individualized monthly training program design – 8 workouts (2x/wk)
  • 1-on-1 Private personal training with BSM Exercise Specialist
  • Programmed as a combination of “in-person” and “at-home” training. We program your workouts regardless of whether you are training in person or by yourself at home/at a gym
  • Additional in-person and at-home workouts can be added based on individualized needs/goals for an added cost – Discounted pricing with 8+ workouts/month
  • Cost: Package rate for 8 sessions:
  • 8 sessions in person / no home workout programming – $615 (10% bundle discount) // $580 (15% discount offered to current patients at discharge from physical therapy)
  • 4 sessions in person / 4 workouts at home – $375
  • 2 sessions in person / 6 workouts at home – $265
  • Custom packages with more sessions per month available – discuss with our team


Request an Appointment today by calling (800) 346-9153 or use our online form.

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