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Physical Therapy for Dancers & Athletes in Wilmington, MA

Are you currently recovering from a sports injury? Do you need help managing the pain you feel in your joints? Are you an athlete, dancer, or Gymnast? If so, you should consider turning to the professionals at Boston Sports Medicine. We focus on sports, dance, orthopedic, and post-surgical physical therapy in Wilmington, MA.

From student-athletes to military veterans, people from all walks of life come to us for physical therapy in Wilmington, MA. Through physical therapy in Wilmington, MA, we can help these individuals return to their prior level of functioning. We want our patients to recover from an injury or surgery as promptly as possible. Read on to learn more about how our physical therapy in Wilmington, MA can help you.

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Athlete, Dancer, and Gymnast Focused Care

The movement of many forms of athletice, dance, and gymnastics may pre-dispose one to a number of conditions not commonly seen in other populations. We are equipped to assess technique and movement quality to assure it is considered and integrated into the treatment program. Custom exercise prescription to meet the demands of training and choreography is integral to our programs.

Treatment Approaches

Ankle/Foot Disorders:

Achilles tendinopathies and Sever’s, ankle sprains and chronic instability, stress fractures, flexor hallicus longus pathology, metatarsal pain and stiffness, os trigonum, and os navicular conservative and post operative treatment

Spinal Conditions:

Muscle strain, spondylolysis/stress fractures of spine, facet irritation, core weakness/stabilization issues

Hip Conditions:

Labral tears both conservative and post-operative care, osteoarthritis, impingement syndromes

Knee Disorders:

Patellofemoral pain (knee cap), pain related to joint hyper mobility including tracking issues of the patella, degenerative joint disease/osteoarthritis, meniscus tears both conservative and post-operative, ACL repairs, osteochondritis dissecans

Orthopedic Surgeries:

Including but not limited to – Total hip and knee joint replacement, PAO (periacetabular osteotomy), hamstring avulsion repairs, Achilles tendon lengthening procedures, lateral release and tendon re-positioning for dislocating knee caps, compartment release of the calf muscles, hip labrum repairs, os trigonum removal or steida process excisions, retinaculum release at the ankle, arch reconstruction surgery, rotator cuff repairs, ACL repairs/reconstruction

At Boston Sports Medicine, we are passionate about providing exceptional physical therapy in Wilmington, MA. We constantly seek out new resources, discoveries, and innovations that help advance our practice. You can count on us to provide you with quality physical therapy in Wilmington, MA using the latest equipment and techniques.

When it comes to providing physical therapy in Wilmington, MA, no one is better than us. Trust our committed health care providers with your physical therapy in Wilmington, MA today!

Troy H
Troy H
I got a bad ankle injury while at work and this was my first time ever needing to do PT. Katie and Lexi were both amazing to work with and they made the whole process as easy and smooth as possible. I would highly recommend here!
Shuley Nakamura
Shuley Nakamura
I just “graduated” from PT thanks to the staff at Boston Sports Medicine in Wilmington. In particular, I worked with Bonnie, Katie and Lexi, who were not only amazing physical therapists but they made the sessions fun and welcoming. Their expertise, knowledge and experience put me on the road to recovery. Today, I’m feeling stronger than even before my sports injury.
Diego Alvarez
Diego Alvarez
I am forever grateful to Katy, Bonnie and Lexi for their time and dedication to my recovery. They provided a great, safe environment for me to not just work on my injuries but also feel like part of a team. This has to be the only medical experience I actively looked forward to every week :), and it’s testimony to the quality of care provided. Thank you!
Karen Luttik
Karen Luttik
Very happy to discover BSM Physical Therapists! Totally focused, professional and helpful
John Kryspin
John Kryspin
Katie was super helpful and knowledgeable, helping my knee pain disappear just in time for snowboarding season. Excellent app with exercises which are easy to follow and are consistent with what we did during the session.
Jenna Picceri
Jenna Picceri
I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with receiving physical therapy services at Boston Sports Medicine Physical Therapy in Wilmington. All 3 of the ladies I've received services from here are really wonderful. Katie, a PT, is clearly very knowledgeable, and I feel that she has gone "above and beyond" by encouraging me to get back into running. She has been guiding me specifically as to how to increase my running without bothering or re-injuring my hips. Bonnie, a PT assistant, is a former dancer like me. I love how she uses ballet terms to explain specific exercises to me. She clearly understands the body of a dancer/former dancer, which adds to her expertise in working with individuals like me. Lexie, who is newer to the practice, has been a pleasure to get to know. She comes from a personal training and dance background, which seems to make her a perfect fit for this practice. All of these ladies are very personable and friendly, which makes coming here to do hard work a lot easier! They all clearly care about me/their clients by the way they always ask me how I am feeling, in terms of my hip issues/progress of recovery. lt is obvious that they have created a PT program that is individualized to me (with my specific hip issues and specific background). They really are WAY better than the PT clinic I went to before. They really are the best!!
Sheila Flaherty
Sheila Flaherty
I have had a positive experience with Boston Sports Medicine PT in Wilmington, I have been working with Michelle P. since I began my PT and she is very kind, knowledgeable and compassionate. She has got me through my knee replacement and leading up to it preparing me for it and I couldn't be more pleased. Atmosphere there is welcoming and never over crowded and I get the best workouts and the attention I really need. Highly recommend Boston Sports Medicine PT and it staff.
sid paula
sid paula
BSM is a first rate Physical Therapy operation. My PT "Michelle P." is a highly skilled PT and the benefits I experienced after a few sessions is amazing. I would recommend BSM to any family memebers or friends.


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