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I’ve treated there for various issues, initially receiving therapy for repetitive strain and a frozen shoulder several years ago – both with successful resolution. After arm & leg surgery in August 2011 that resulted in significant complications I returned. Dr. Erin Looney performed magic!

After several months of therapy on both arms for scar tissue and nerve damage, I was still in significant pain, enough so that I was unable to sleep through the night. Erin tried various approaches. While there was some improvement, after a few months of treatment, it looked as if there were no other options and I was told that I would have to terminate.

Erin continued to research, and a few weeks later had me return for a new treatment that produced amazing results. Without the cupping treatment, I would have become significantly limited in the use of my arms. I’m not only pain-free and back to normal range of motion, I’ve been inspired to begin and maintain a new life style.

Early on in therapy, they had me walking in the Aqua pool since I also had swelling in my legs from the surgery. I initially went 5 days a week, then 3 days before joining a health club and beginning Aqua aerobics. It was a turning point. I’m exercising regularly now and LOVE it, and about to participate in my 2nd 5K run/walkathon on September 23. Since I’m in my 60s, and just began any kind of regular exercise 9 months ago, this is no small feat and doable because of the continual support and encouragement of Erin, and other BSM therapists, Stacy and Kathy.

Erin has been kind, caring, and skillful. I am so grateful for her treatment and for Boston Sports Medicine. I recommend them highly, if you need physical therapy, they are the place to go.

“Boston Sports Medicine is excellent in all aspects”

I first went to Boston Sports Medicine in Allston, MA for a strained hip flexor last year. At that time, I couldn’t really run and was pretty miserable about the constant soreness in my hip. I worked with Mike, with Jennifer Mohns and with Stacey Choquette and I cannot even express how grateful I am for all that they have done for me. Mike worked with me initially but then Jenny and Stacy were my regular PTs and they were both absolutely awesome. I have nothing but the highest praise for both Jenny and Stacey – they used a variety of techniques to work on my hips (and later this year on my feet for plantar fasciitis), and they had me back up and running and competing in half-marathons in a couple of months. They not only know exactly what to do and how to best work with your body, but they are so accommodating and really care about you and that you improve. They were always so excited when I reported back with any improvements, and provided constant follow-up, feedback and advise. Jennie even emailed me some extra ankle exercises to do at home when I strained a tendon in my ankle – not severely enough to warrant PT sessions, but enough to need strengthening, and the exercises have been great in helping me gain some more strength.

As someone who works out and has been through various injuries, I can say without any reservations that BSM has the best PTs – and if you go then definitely ask for Jenny Mohns and Stacey Choquette. They’ll have you back up and working out again in no time, and they’ll follow up to make sure you’re doing ok after finishing your sessions!

“So accommodating and really care about you”

Stacy is a wonderful therapist that is understanding and willing to work with my pain level. She is very genuine and always smiling. She is always willing to lend a helping hand to all therapists around the clinic. I highly recommend working with Stacy when you come to Boston Sports Medicine in Allston.

“I highly recommend working with Stacy”

I have been to many PT offices over the years and these guys are the best. Very clean busy office, I originally saw them while pregnant with my second and having major back issues (two flared herniated discs), saw them again during my third pregnancy and did the water therapy, they have two salt water pools and the treatment is great. I return from time to time with lower back or neck issues and after a few visits I am good to go.

– Alex C.

“Boston Sports Medicine is great”

I was riding my bike to work when I got hit by a car and broke my leg (tibia and fibula). I’ve been coming to Boston Sports Medicine twice a week since July, and I can’t say enough good things about this place.

I didn’t really know what to expect from physical therapy, since I’d never needed it before, but I got a good vibe from this place instantly. The staff is incredibly friendly and I immediately felt welcomed. You can tell they all enjoy what they do, and working together, which fosters a really positive environment for patients.

I’ve formed a great relationship with my physical therapist, Kathy, who carefully tailored a plan to my injury and to my own specific goals. She’s always able to answer my questions, and provide additional info about the exercises and my bones and muscle groups, all while taking a sincere interest in my recovery and making the visits fun. Her care has definitely helped me get back on track ahead of schedule.

The office is often busy, but never seems overcrowded, and is always very clean. They’ve got a full arsenal of exercise equipment and tools (from treadmills to yoga mats and medicine balls), plus two therapy pools with underwater treadmills. (Seriously the coolest thing ever.)

I really enjoy going. I know I’m not just healing and getting stronger, but learning a lot about how to properly exercise and take care of myself for the rest of my life. I’ll be sad when I’m finally discharged!

If I ever need physical therapy again while I’m living in Boston, I know I’m coming back here.

“If I ever need physical therapy again while I’m living in Boston, I know I’m coming back here”

I’ve been involved on many levels in competitive athletics and since I found this place a couple of years ago, I stopped shopping around for sports specific PT. I was tired of the hospital setting where it feels as if everything is rushed. The PT that I’ve seen for the various injuries sustained over the past few seasons is Dave M. (not sure I’m supposed to post last names) but he’s very experienced and has had a lot of involvement with some of the well known local sports teams. I highly recommend this place and Dave.

“I highly recommend this place”

I worked with David and Evie – both of whom were great. Extremely professional and very attentive. I would also point out that they found a blood clot resulting from a recent surgery. Without their assistance I don’t think I would have identified this as a potential issue. Thank you both for all of your help.

“Thank you both for all of your help”

The entire staff is super nice and welcoming. I’ve worked with Jenny for PT and would highly recommend her. I’m a runner and I chronically sprain my ankle… also have always had pains in my ankle and knee joints. Jenny really took the time to figure out exactly what was going on and also explained to me how I was straining my body. She worked with me one on one and taught me exercises that I could do on my own, I could feel my lower body slowly getting stronger. I haven’t sprained my ankle since Ive started seeing her! Jenny is awesome!

“Boston Sports Medicine is amazing!”

I started at boston sports medicine in late 2011. I had an impingement in my shoulder from my daily high volume photography projects. I was able to work with the Dr. Kelley Barrett who then worked with me through a meniscal repair into the spring and helped me heal and was able to return to work in strong and confident physical state.

Sadly, in the summer of 2012 Dr. Barrett relocated to New York but I, happily, was able to continue to work with Dr. Jennifer Mohns through part 2 of my knee surgery / repair. I had a former ACL from my days at Boston College where the former ACL had to be removed and the bone grafts were implanted along with using a piece of my hamstring to replace the ACL.

Today, it is exactly week 6 and Dr. Mohns style is clearly different than Dr. Barrett’s but equally balanced in the care, patience, understanding, educating and most of all good positive healing energy. Dr. Mohns and the staff at Boston Sports Medicine  are positively unique and is a special place for healing.

I will continue to strongly share, recommend and use their resources. Thank you everyone especially Dr. Barrett and Dr. Mohns for your kindness and understanding to your patients and community. Keep up the great work and keep healing.

“Thank you Boston Sports Medicine!”

I went to Boston Sports Medicine after seeing an ortho about what I feared to be a knee bursitis. I’ve been through a lot of PT before thanks to two torn ACLs and a partial foot ligament tear. I met with David who did a thorough assessment of the condition of my knee.

Not only did I find him to be totally honest, but I was so surprised to learn how well he knew the ins and outs of my health care coverage! He recommended PT only once or twice (so as to not waste my coverage plan options) and gave me excellent advice about to protect my knee in my upcoming rugby game.

After that, we got to work on moving the swelling out of my knee and what to do on my own. A week later, I was good to go! On top of all of this, David followed up with me via email to check in on my knee.

Bottom line: go see David! He’s fantastic, has great in-depth knowledge about athletic training, and is a genuine guy to boot.

“David at Boston Sports Medicine is great”

I recently completed physical therapy treatment at Boston Sports Medicine in Watertown and would highly recommend their services. This fall, I fractured my shoulder 3 1/2 weeks before an 8 day bike trip in Italy and was desperate to get in shape to ride but was told that I probably couldn’t ride since the fracture would take 6 weeks to heal. Fortunately, I found Sara Bresnick at Boston Sports Medicine in Watertown.

As a professional cyclist and physical therapist, she knew just what to do to build the strength back in my shoulder. By following Sara’s exercise plan, I was able to ride through the hills of Piedmont, Italy, which impressed my doctor. Sara’s encouragement was just as important as the physical therapy she performed. I saw this in her interactions with me as well as her other patients. While helping me with my shoulder, she also pinpointed other problems in my neck that were stress related and gave me appropriate exercises. I am still performing my exercises and feel great!

If I am in need of physical therapy again, I would go back to Boston Sports Medicine.

“If I am in need of physical therapy again, I would go back to Boston Sports Medicine”

I’ve been going to Boston Sports Medicine for a few months now to rehab my knee/ACL after surgery. My physical therapist is Dave and he’s great! He’s patient, explains things really well and everyone in the office is friendly and knowledgeable.They also give great tips on the little things that I can do better as I build up my knee strength and get back to normal.

PT at Boston Sports has definitely helped my recovery – I don’t think I’d be as far ahead without them. My orthopedic surgeon has noted the great progress I’ve been making – thanks to the help of Boston Sports Medicine!

“I don’t think I’d be as far ahead without them”


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