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I first went to Boston Sports Medicine in Allston, MA for a strained hip flexor last year. At that time, I couldn’t really run and was pretty miserable about the constant soreness in my hip. I worked with Mike, with Jennifer and with Stacey and I cannot even express how grateful I am for all that they have done for me. Mike worked with me initially but then Jenny and Stacy were my regular PTs and they were both absolutely awesome. I have nothing but the highest praise for both Jenny and Stacey – they used a variety of techniques to work on my hips (and later this year on my feet for plantar fasciitis), and they had me back up and running and competing in half-marathons in a couple of months. They not only know exactly what to do and how to best work with your body, but they are so accommodating and really care about you and that you improve.

They were always so excited when I reported back with any improvements, and provided constant follow-up, feedback and advise. Jennie even emailed me some extra ankle exercises to do at home when I strained a tendon in my ankle – not severely enough to warrant PT sessions, but enough to need strengthening, and the exercises have been great in helping me gain some more strength. As someone who works out and has been through various injuries, I can say without any reservations that BSM has the best PTs – and if you go then definitely ask for Jenny and Stacey. They’ll have you back up and working out again in no time, and they’ll follow up to make sure you’re doing ok after finishing your sessions!

“They’ll have you back up and working out again in no time”

Although I have worked with many of the therapists at Boston Sports Medicine (and they have all been amazing,) I cannot say enough about Stacey C. Not only is she highly competent in her PT duties, but personally she is very affable and truly seems to care about her patients. I have been in and out of PT for the past year and a half and unfortunately began somewhere other than BSM. I can honestly say that if I had originally started here, I think I would be pain-free by now. Not only are their facilities clean and state of the art, but they have two pools with built in treadmills for water training.

If you are in need of PT, for whatever reason, look no further. BSM is the best I have experienced and the trainers are incredible. (And if Stacey has appointments available, you will never be disappointed… sore, yes… but also grateful because you know she will get you back to full form!)

“Look no further. BSM is the best I have experienced.”

Stacy is a wonderful therapist that is understanding and willing to work with my pain level. She is very genuine and always smiling. She is always willing to lend a helping hand to all therapists around the clinic. I highly recommend working with Stacy when you come to Boston Sports Medicine in Allston.

“I highly recommend working with Stacy”

After herniating a disc and spending nearly three months in PT with no success, I moved over to BSM. Over the next 8 months, the founder and owner, Dr. Mike Velsmid, guided me back to stability. First using aqua-therapy (there are two therapeutic pools on site in Allston), then more traditional land therapy techniques, I slowly recovered and avoided surgery!

Mike and Kathy Hartsell and the rest of his team are tremendously knowledgeable, well trained, kind, patient and truly care about the health and welfare of their patients. Unlike previous PT experiences, BSM customizes and individualizes their care. I have recommended them to all my family, friends, and acquaintances who have any minor or major injury, including my 14 year old son.

“Tremendously knowledgeable, well trained, kind, patient and truly care”

I went to Boston Sports Medicine after seeing an ortho about what I feared to be a knee bursitis. I’ve been through a lot of PT before thanks to two torn ACLs and a partial foot ligament tear. I met with David who did a thorough assessment of the condition of my knee.

Not only did I find him to be totally honest, but I was so surprised to learn how well he knew the ins and outs of my health care coverage! He recommended PT only once or twice (so as to not waste my coverage plan options) and gave me excellent advice about to protect my knee in my upcoming rugby game.

After that, we got to work on moving the swelling out of my knee and what to do on my own. A week later, I was good to go! On top of all of this, David followed up with me via email to check in on my knee.

Bottom line: go see David! He’s fantastic, has great in-depth knowledge about athletic training, and is a genuine guy to boot.

“David at Boston Sports Medicine is great”

I have worked with both Erin Looney and Katherine Hartsell as Boston Sports Medicine for tendonitis in my ankle. As a ballet dancer it was great to have a therapist (Kathy) who have previously been a dancer.

At BSM they provide you with a full comprehensive program to help you recover from an injury. Their approach to look at how your body functions as a whole helps in the recovery and prevention of later injuries. I now have a better understanding of how my body should work in and out of ballet classes and they have also given me many helpful exercises. I highly recommend Boston Sports Medicine to both dancers and non-dancers.

“I highly recommend Boston Sports Medicine to both dancers and non-dancers”

Stacy is wonderful and I highly recommend her. I’ve been seeing her for a couple months now for torn ligaments in my ankle. Not only is she highly knowledgeable, but she really listens to you to come up with the next best steps to take in your treatment. I really trust her expertise in designing the right programs for me, and I have a complete sense that she cares about my progress and recovery as much as I do. You don’t find that with everyone, but with her, it’s absolutely the case. She’s very encouraging, which helps push me to work harder at perfecting the exercises she gives me. She also is very accommodating of my schedule, which helps, being a working professional with a busy schedule. On top of all of that, she’s a really fun, nice person.

More broadly speaking, the facility itself is very clean, comfortable and convenient to get to, with parking available right out front every time I’ve gone at least (typically weekdays, early morning).

Overall, I could not more highly recommend Boston Sports Medicine, and particularly Stacy for her top quality physical therapy services.

“I could not more highly recommend Boston Sports Medicine”

My 15 year old daughter suffered a serious meniscus tear injury with subsequent meniscus repair surgery this past winter / spring. Based on the recommendation of a friend, who was very enthusiastic about Jennifer, the BSM facility, and the underwater treadmill, (I was intrigued by the water therapy), we decided to check out BSM at the end of my daughter’s regular PT elsewhere.

Jenny spent a couple of sessions with my daughter and we were sold; my daughter would not go elsewhere to get back in shape over the summer for her soccer season this fall. According to my daughter, Jenny was supportive, friendly, motivating, and a great person to work with. Jenny is an athlete in her own right, with her own history of injuries. I believe that Jenny’s empathy, along with her knowledge and training and confidence in the rehabilitation process made her just the right person to work with a 15 year old girl who was wondering how in the hell she would get back to playing competitive sports after being out for 8 mos. Jenny provided just the right degree of guidance and coaching and athletic training for my daughter to get to the next step of her rehab, getting back to the sports that she loves. Jenny went above and beyond for us and continues to be a valuable resource.

We just returned from our 3rd or 4th soccer game and we could not be more grateful; we would recommend Jennifer and Boston Sports Medicine to any athlete.

“We would recommend Jennifer and Boston Sports Medicine to any athlete”

I recently had rotator cuff surgery, and I have been receiving PT from David, a thoroughly dedicated, and compassionate therapist. He is very insightful and patient, and is very professional. I would recommend this therapist and this facility to anyone who is trying to recuperate from surgery, an injury or any type of problem needing help in feeling better. Sarah in the Watertown office is also an excellent therapist as well.

“A thoroughly dedicated, and compassionate therapist”

I have gone here for a number of different sports injuries and rehab. Each time they do a thorough exam of the injury and outline a rehab plan. I like that it’s a smaller place and you aren’t sent with an assistant over to machines to do your rehab.

For the most part you are working one on one with the PT who has devised an individualized plan for you. They are also very good about accommodating last minute visits,- this has been very helpful to me in the days before a game or race.

“Individualized attention”

So happy that BSM helped my 16 yo get back to his hockey and prepare for Baseball season when we thought he pulled his glute. After several weeks of PT with Becky and Danielle he was more than ready to get back to the ice. And thankfully, he’s ready for baseball season too because of the exercises they taught him.

“Excellent Quality”

I spent some time at Boston Sports Medicine dealing with a pinched nerve. They were great! Very knowledgeable about what I needed, very friendly but professional approach, and most important, excellent results. I’d go back to see Becky and her team any time — highly recommended.

“Very friendly but professional approach”


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