Physical Therapy FAQ Page

The following are some frequently asked questions:

How long is your waiting list?

The wait for a new appointment is rarely more than 2 business days for times that are convenient to you. If you are are flexible with your schedule, we can often get you in for your first appointment on the same or next day.

I am not an athlete. Can I get my physical therapy at Boston Sports Medicine?

Yes. Although we are known as a center of excellence for the care and treatment of high level athletes, we see patients of all ages and activity level. Our oldest patient is 95. Our heaviest patient weighs in excess of 400 pounds! Many of our patients lead sedentary lifestyles.

What should I wear to physical therapy?

Typically, patients wear loose fitting clothing. We will have to get at the body part we are treating. Shorts work well for lower extremity injuries. A tank top works well for upper extremity injuries. We do have exam gowns if necessary.

If I’m going in the pool, what else should I bring?

You will need a towel and a bathing suit. We do not provide towels. Shower caps are not required.

How long are the appointments?

Appointments are usually 45 minutes, but can be longer or shorter depending on your individual treatment. Your thereapist will let you know how much time your appointments will require.

What should I bring to my first session?

We will need your insurance card, any paperwork from your doctor, and your copayment. If you have your x-ray, CT, or MRI images, please bring those.

When should I arrive?

Appointments are scheduled tightly. You should arrive 5 minutes early so that your appointment is started on time and does not run into the next patient’s time.

What is your cancellation policy?

Appointments should be scheduled, changed or canceled at least 24 hours in advance. THERE IS A $50.00 CHARGE FOR MISSED APPOINTMENTS WITHOUT GIVING 24-HOUR NOTICE AND A $75 CHARGE FOR NO-SHOWS. This charge is the patient’s responsibility and cannot be billed to the insurance company. The prescribed treatment plan must be followed to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment. If more than three appointments are missed without notification, care may be discontinued.


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