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Physical Therapist South End


If you have been hurt in an accident or have a painful, chronic condition, waiting for the area of pain to heal may not be enough. In many cases, your body may benefit from an array of professional services that will help you rehabilitate, speed up the healing of your injury, and give you your life back.

Physical therapy is often a critical component of healing and can be hugely effective at restoring your health. 

At Boston Sports Medicine, we offer an array of physical therapy modalities that help you recover. As a physical therapist South End business, we’re located in your neighborhood and proud to provide you with premier physical therapy offerings.

What is Physical Therapy? 

This treatment is a specific subset of health care that works with a patient to help their recovery after a chronic condition, illness, or accident.

A doctor or other health care professional usually prescribes physical therapy. All physical therapy begins with an evaluation, which almost always starts with a conversation between the therapist and the patient. Next, a patient will provide their therapist with medical information, answer questions, and take a number of diagnostic tests. From there, the therapist will work with the patient to agree to therapy goals. The therapist will then work with the patient on a series of exercises designed to restore strength, decrease pain, increase mobility, or fulfill any other goals to which a patient has agreed. 

Physical therapy usually takes place over a set series of sessions for a specific amount of time. The patient is usually given a series of exercises they must do at home. These exercises may involve lifting, moving, stretching, or more. After each session, progress is reviewed, and adjustments are made to a patient’s routine. 

When Might I Need Physical Therapy?

There’s a misnomer out there regarding physical therapy and health care: Some believe this type of therapy is only necessary if someone is injured at work or has another accident. 

To be clear, injury recovery is a common use of PT. Indeed, it is commonly used to recover from broken bones, sprains, or concussions. In addition, however, physical therapy may be needed in many circumstances beyond accidents or other sudden conditions. These include:

  • After surgery, particularly surgery that restricts movement or causes significant pain. Physical therapy can reduce pain, help regain flexibility, and restore function to any damaged limb.
  • If you are having trouble healing on your own. After an injury, medical procedure, or in the face of another chronic condition, many people find that they cannot completely recover without the help of a physical therapist. This reality doesn’t mean that there are any long-term health consequences, but it does mean that PT can be a key component to restoring your body to the function with which you have become familiar. 
  • If you have any unexplained physical function or limitations, you want to manage. Physical therapy is applied to a vast array of illnesses or conditions. This includes something as severe as paralyzation to as minor as tinnitus. 

It’s worth noting that physical therapy sessions are usually not the be-all, end-all of any health recovery. Indeed, physical therapy is generally combined with an array of other therapeutic healing modalities. This may include massage therapy, exercises at home, medication management, dry needling, or more. Regardless, you should speak with a professional to learn what services will be the most effective at restoring your health, reducing your pain, and getting your life back on track. 

At Boston Sports Medicine, we have physical therapists in the South End of Boston. These individuals are trained and certified to provide an array of therapy exercises to help you manage any illness or condition, working with you to develop a treatment plan that puts your health first and ensures you can work towards recovery. 

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What Can Professional Physical Therapy Help With?

There’s good news for people suffering or in pain: The services of a physical therapist might be useful in many circumstances. These include:

  • Reducing painThere is no question that a major goal of countless physical therapy appointments is to reduce pain. When properly conducted, physical therapy enables a person to reduce their pain by strengthening muscles, reducing inflammation, and improving someone’s overall health.
  • Restoring independenceAn injury, accident, or chronic condition may make it difficult for a person to live independently or in a manner where they are at least somewhat independent. In these instances, physical therapy seeks to help someone restore their independence. This may involve other forms of therapy – like occupational therapy – specifically geared towards helping someone increase their functions at home or work.
  • Increasing strengthMany illnesses or other conditions can reduce the strength of an individual. This reduction may make them less capable of fulfilling basic responsibilities or even caring for themselves. A core tenet of physical therapy is helping patients regain strength and improve their functioning to achievable levels.
  • AdaptionSometimes, an individual suffers from a serious injury or illness – such as paralyzation, amputation, or vision loss – from which recovery is impossible. In these cases, physical therapy focuses on helping a person adapt to their reduced function, teaching them ways to manage their surroundings, and helping them adapt to an array of new tools that they will use to maintain functionality. 

Looking for South End Physical Therapy?

If you are looking for a physical therapist in Boston’s South End neighborhood, look no further than Boston Sports Medicine. At Boston Sports Medicine, we specialize in a vast array of services designed to ensure you can reduce pain, improve your health, and recover from any injury or chronic condition. We also provide a vast array of PT-related services, enabling you to return your body to the state to which you have become accustomed.

Don’t wait another day: Reach out today for more info and to learn about the professional physical therapy that Boston Sports Medicine can provide.