Soma System for Balance

Soma System for Balance Katherine Hartsell, PTA Like many healthcare providers, I am well aware that limited time with my patients cannot create lasting improvement without awareness, alignment and self-care strategies integrated beyond our brief partnership. As important as manual treatment is, my manual skills are only applicable in the clinic. All patients need education…

When Should I Stretch?

by Michael J. Velsmid, DPT, MS Our patients often ask us when they should stretch, before or after exercise.  It seems that everyone has a different opinion on this.  You see athletes stretching as part of their warm-up.  Trainers will tell you to spend fifteen minutes stretching after cardiovascular exercise in the gym.  Every fitness…

Aquatic Therapy to Rehabilitate Posterior Tibialis Tendonitis in a Marathon Runner

by Jennifer Mohns, DPT

Aquatic physical therapy minimizes down-time for marathon runners who are recovering from injury. Here is a perfect example of a marathon runner getting help from Boston Sports Medicine’s experts in aquatic therapy, utilizing our state of the art Hydroworx pools.

Dr. Mohns is a Physical Therapist at Boston Sports Medicine