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physical therapy Boston

People with injuries in the Fenway and Kenmore Square neighborhoods have a new option for physical therapy Boston. Boston Sports Medicine is one or two D-Line stops from the Fenway/Kenmore Square neighborhood and has over a decade of excellence in physical therapy in the Boston market. We know that going to physical therapy in the past was not the most exciting thought.  We have created an experience that you will be excited about and have added incredible value for your copayment.

Boston Sports Medicine physical therapy promote a healthy lifestyle and an exceptional experience for our patients that encourages, supports and educates people. We now add the elements of being a fun place to recover in a clean environment.

We have been providing top-notch care in the Boston area since 1999.

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  • Women’s Health Physical Therapy

    Finding a physical therapist that specializes in women’s health can be difficult. It is a highly specialized area of treatment. Many women are faced with unique physical challenges that they try to convince themselves are “normal” and “expected” based on being female. Common examples include: discomfort in the abdomen, lower back, bottom, and hips, leaking…

  • soma system® for Our Patients

    soma system® for Our Patients Katherine Hartsell, PTA We introduced soma system® to our patients at Boston Sports Medicine (click here for the introductory blog about soma system® self bodywork if you missed it). We have integrated this intervention into our treatments for patients that need and want to take their self-care “beyond foam rolling.”…