Aquatic therapy is a form of rehabilitative exercise that uses water’s resistance to help strengthen body parts after injury, accident or disease. Boston Sports Medicine offers aquatic therapy in the Waltham, MA area for those who may have had inadequate results using traditional forms of physical therapy and provides an additional tool for progress in overcoming disabilities.

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Aquatic Therapy in Waltham, MA: How it Works

Many aquatic therapy patients find that it provides a soothing environment for the sometimes-difficult exercises needed to restore function to injured areas of the body. The warm water in itself makes movement easier and can help to reduce pain during exercise. The warmth also improves blood flow and reduces spasms that sometimes occur. The natural buoyancy of the water increases the tolerance to exercise and also improves cardiovascular function during therapy.

Problems That Aquatic Therapy Can Improve

Aquatic therapy has been found to be helpful in restoring muscle and joint function in variety of cases, such as:

Aquatic Therapy Waltham MA

  • Post-surgical strengthening of muscles
  • Athletic injuries of the bones and joints
  • Arthritis joint problems
  • Back pain and lumbar problems
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Strokes aftereffects
  • Brain injury-associated muscle problems
  • Preliminary therapy before land-based rehabilitative exercise

Because this type of treatment provides a different medium for rehabilitation, aquatic therapy patients may find it the perfect solution for difficult cases that do not respond well to traditional therapy or as an adjunct method for increasing therapy without detrimental effects. Call Boston Sports Medicine today to discuss your needs for aquatic therapy in the Waltham, MA area.


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