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Try Gyrotonics in Swampscott Today and Feel the Difference

There is a Better Way to Get Back in the Game; Try Gyrotonics Swampscott Today and Feel the Difference

Gyrotonics Swampscott is the Best Option to Embrace Your Body’s Natural Movements and Heal through them.

Gyrotonics is the New Option You Have Been Looking For! Take Classes Today and Feel The Difference!

From Inspiration to Business, Meet Juliu Horvath


The Gyrotonic system was created by a former professional dancer who ruptured his Achilles heel; Juliu Horvath. After this injury, he moved to a deserted island to recover through yoga and meditation.

Six years later, he made a comeback to civilization with a revolutionary new approach he called “yoga for dancers”. It was an overnight success; the number of professional dancers in his classes multiplied exponentially.

This gave Juliu, former principal dancer of the Romanian National Ballet Company and the Houston Ballet, the possibility to further develop his method. Thus, Gyrokinetics (a simplified version of yoga for dancers) and Gyrotonics were born.

Nowadays, there are 13,000 certified trainers in over 80 countries helping athletes, sportspeople coming back from injuries, individuals needing post-surgery rehab, people with disabilities, and enthusiasts from every walk of life.

Furthermore, the Gyrotonic method and the revolution it caused in the world of sports and body health are just starting. Yes, thousands of people around the world benefit from this effective system that works with the natural movements of the body.

Juliu is still the head of the organization working on refining his methods and improving the machinery used for Gyrotonics.

If you are a certified personal trainer looking to expand your scope, an athlete trying to recover from injury, or an avid exerciser looking for a new method to expand your body’s possibilities like never before, you have to try Gyrotonics.

Boston Sports Med brought it to Swampscott to offer the community the best way to work elasticity, and health, and push the boundaries of the body.

Yes, Gyrotonics is the new best method to start today.

Beyond Fitness, Embracing your Body


Gyrotonics and Gyrokinesis are revolutionary approaches to working the joints, coming back from injuries, expanding your body’s moving boundaries, and training.

What is the big difference from the rest of the techniques available in the market? Well, for starters, it was not conceived merely as a fitness method but as a way for the creator to heal himself from a severe injury.

Although this might seem a small difference, there is a great distance from its conception between a genuine effort to help, and joining the growing business of fitness.

In Boston Sports Med Swampscott, we offer this revolutionary system to complement our holistic approach to healing. Yes, we are proud to say that we help our patients with the latest in recovery technology and the future looks a lot like a Gyrotonics machine.

Gyrotonics and Boston Sports Med reach beyond fitness and go the extra mile to help you embrace your body. This way you’ll not only be back in the game sooner and stronger, but you’ll also get to know and conquer your body’s limits like never before.

Yes, the Gyrotonic revolution is the best new ally on your way back into the game.

A Different Approach to Holistic Health


In our view, fitness and health require a holistic approach. Yes, to be sound and fit, you need to train the body, help it reach new plateaus, and also take care of the breathing and mental side of it.

Therefore, just taking class after class of new disciplines makes it impossible to gain the required insight and depth in your training to truly understand your body.

Yes, it takes years to reach that state in most disciplines and health centers.

Nevertheless, Boston Sports Med offers you a steady path to unlocking a new level of well-being and health: Gyrotonics. Indeed, our certified instructors will help you use the Gyrotonics revolutionary equipment to aid your body stretch and recover with natural movements that feel effortless and natural.

With Gyrotonics you’ll move away from the mindset that requires you to work on a specific muscle. Instead, you’ll work on your body’s ability to move holistically.

This is the equipment that Juliu has been developing since the early 80s inspired by his long career as a ballet dancer and nature. Bear in mind it can’t be used as an autodidact, you need to be supervised by a certified Gyrotonics instructor.

  • The Gyrotoner – With a plethora of different planes, this machine facilitates hip and shoulder articulation. Moreover, it works wonders to mobilize the thoracic spine and coordinate shoulders and hip movements with the spine.
  • The Pulley Tower Combination Unit – This is the most widely used machine in Gyrotonic training. It is the result of over 3 decades of restless innovation. Its revolutionary design supports the full natural range of the joints. This continuous, flowing moving scheme avoids sharp starts and stops where the majority of injuries occur.
  • The Archway – This vertical, tiered ladder helps you defy the relationship with gravity with horizontal, vertical, inverted, and diagonal movements. To many, this is the most demanding piece of equipment in the discipline.
  • The Leg Extension Unit – This machine improves your hand/foot coordination as well as your upper/lower body coordination. Moreover, the hip and knee joints move fluidly and this lack of compression increases the much-needed strength and stability around those joints.
  • The Jumping & Stretching Board – This is, perhaps, the most flexible of all Gyrotonic machines. Since it requires sliding environments, it also works with your nervous system which has to adapt to this instability. This machine is ideal to work on post-injury exercises.

Not a Yoga Studio but a Bold New Revolutionary Method


You know the sight when you walk into a yoga studio. A plethora of mats waits on the floor while everyone is stretching to the best of their capacity. Then, the class takes place and everyone says goodbye until the next class.

These yoga services can strengthen your body’s muscles and can also help you come back from injuries while elevating your energy levels.

A Gyrotonics studio, on the other hand, is a place where you can find a shortcut to your best version yet. Yes, the machinery we talked about above can help your body stretch naturally to the best of its capacity taking you beyond what most yoga studios can.

Thus, your practice will blossom and so will your physical capacity while working with your body’s natural flow.

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