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Sports Therapy Wilmington


The past few decades in modern medicine have taught the world that patients need robust, customized services to be their best athletes. As such, sports therapy has become a critical component of sports medicine and may have many uses for younger and older athletes. Indeed, sports therapy is a growing field that is increasingly needed to ensure athletes can prevent injuries and heal. 

If you need care beyond that which normal physical therapy or clinical support can provide, contact Boston Sports Medicine. We offer a variety of specific forms of therapy that can help you maximize your athletic potential and get you back into your sport as quickly as possible. With an array of locations throughout the Boston and Wilmington area, we can ensure you get the treatment you need. 

What is Sports Medicine? 

Sports therapy is a critical component of the broader field of sports medicine. Sports medicine is an all-encompassing field designed to specifically address the physical and psychological needs of patients who play sports.

It is important to understand that sports medicine is not just for professional athletes. Patients at all sports activity levels may benefit from an array of sports medicine services, as any individual who plays any level of sports may find themselves injured or in need of physical therapy. As such, different types of sports medicine exist for different patients.

Broadly speaking, sports medicine encompasses two branches: Prevention and treatment.

A patient who plays sports wants to stay as physically and psychologically healthy as possible since doing so will ensure they can perform at the top of their game. Sports therapists are professional clinical staff working with athletes to ensure that they reduce their risk of injury and can focus on athletic performance. Preventative sports medicine will involve working with a patient to develop a nutritional, exercise, or therapeutic routine that ensures an individual can stay healthy and reduce injury. 

Of course, even the most comprehensive preventative treatment cannot prevent all injuries. As such, treatment is often necessary to help athletic patients recover from their injuries and rehabilitate to the point that they can play sports again. Different patients may have different athletic goals. For example, while a professional athlete may want to fully recover and get back to work, armature athletes may simply seek to recover from their injury to resume normal activities of daily living and reduce pain levels.

What is Sports Therapy?

Sports therapy is a branch of sports medicine. As the name implies, it involves working with patients to provide them with the therapeutic services necessary to help their recovery from a sports injury.

Generally speaking, sports therapy refers to providing a patient with physical recovery services. Sports therapy can help a patient recuperate from injuries or other chronic conditions directly resulting from a sports-related event. However, it differs from other therapy because it applies to specific sports-related injuries. Furthermore, recovery is often meant to address the athletic needs of a patient. The goal of sports therapy will often be to help a patient return to their peak physical performance and play sports again. 

How Does Sports Therapy Work? 

A sports therapy appointment will begin with a therapist and patient conversation. The patient will discuss the specific nature of their injury, provide medical records, and discuss the long-term rehabilitation goals. Goals will differ from patient to patient, as will the extent of an injury, time available for future appointments, and ability to conduct therapeutic exercises at home. As such, clear communication between patients and a therapist is critical. 

At Boston Sports Medicine, we offer various services designed to help athletes recover from injuries and get in the best shape possible for their sports careers. These include: 

  • Floor therapyFloor therapy is a specific form of therapy that addresses injuries or chronic conditions to the floor of the pelvis muscles. Thanks to the strain placed on a patient’s body, athletes often injure their pelvic muscles, which can have long-term ramifications on an individual’s health and well-being.
  • Hand therapyHand-related injuries are very common in sports. The goal of hand therapy is not only to accelerate the natural healing of any injury to your hand but to ensure that sports player can use their hands in the way to which they have become accustomed. Hand therapy is not strictly related to the hand and may involve working with specific fingers, forearms, or arms.
  • Manual therapyManual therapy is a common form of therapy that involves physically manipulating certain body parts to restore healing. A trained physical therapist will work with an injured patient to decrease pain, restore strength, and improve flexibility. Manual therapy may encompass a variety of techniques and services, including stretching, mobilization, or sports massage. 
  • Sports massageSports massage can be critical to a patient’s care and rehabilitation. Unlike traditional massage, which can create a sense of relaxation or stress relief, sports massage is designed to loosen specific muscles, provide care after an injury, and assist in rehabilitating certain conditions built up over time. Professional clinical staff will massage patients and provide them with the necessary care. Other components of sports massage, like foam rolling, can be vital in improving overall recovery. 
  • Physical therapy: Physical therapy is a common component of sports therapy. Specifically for non-professional athletes who may need care that isn’t simply sports-focused, physical therapy is an important component of treatment for individuals looking for services that will improve functionality and help them recover from an injury to ensure that they can restore functioning and reduce pain. 

The above list is the start of our services for our patients at Boston Sports Medicine. However, we understand that individuals who are young or professional athletes may need an array of comprehensive, complete services. As such, our sports therapy in Wilmington will work with you to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that fits your needs. 

Are Physical Therapy and Sports Therapy the Same?


There is extensive overlap between physical and sports therapy: Both seek to restore function and help individuals heal from a chronic condition or injury. Physical therapists seek to help individuals restore function, reduce pain, and regain any independence lost from their injury. Sports therapists are more involved in preventative treatment and helping athletes regain their full athletic form.

What Other Services Can I Get In Wilmington?

At Boston Sports Therapy of Wilmington, we have expert staff and therapists that can provide many different forms of therapy and treatment. All of these treatments are organized under a broader sports medicine umbrella, thus ensuring that you can make an appointment and get the care you deserve at any of our clinics.

Our Wilmington health office offers an array of services, including:

  • Dancer care is meant to help dancers maximize their physical potential or recover from an injury. This location specializes in dancer-related rehabilitation and has physical therapists who can provide manual therapy, physical therapy, and other health services.
  • Specific therapy services that focus on various hip, ankle, spine, and knee conditions.
  • Therapy for orthopedics, including rehabilitation from an array of orthopedic surgeries. 

Our sports therapy in Wilmington offers various services, but we understand that Wilmington may not be close enough to where you live or work. If this specific facility doesn’t offer you the care you may need, check out our other locations to see where else you can make an appointment. With ten clinical facilities located in the Boston area, we can provide you with the help you need. 

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Looking For The Best Sports Therapy In Wilmington?

If you want the best sports therapy Wilmington offers, look no further than Boston Sports Medicine. As noted above, we offer a vast array of services and can give you access to experts that will ensure you recover from any injury, prepare for the future of your sport, and get your sports career back on track. 

Ready to learn more? Contact us today for additional information, including instructions on how to make an appointment, get directions to our nearest location (located in Wilmington or elsewhere in the Boston area), and ensure that you can get the treatment and therapy services you need and deserve.