Physical Therapy Marblehead, MA

Please visit our Marblehead physical therapy office at

the Leap Fitness Health Club


Boston Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

46 Tioga Way
Marblehead, MA 01945
Tel: (617) 987-0040


People with injuries in Marblehead, Salem, Beverly, and Swampscott have a new option for physical therapy in Marblehead. Boston Sports Medicine has opened its first clinic on the north shore after over a decade of excellence in physical therapy in the Boston market.  We have partnered with Leap Fitness, so you will no longer be confined to a tight little room in an old and tired physical therapy clinic. Boston Sports Medicine Physical Therapy Marblehead offers our patients a “club” experience with luxury accommodations, full fitness facilities, and a team consisting of physical therapy and health club staff to help you recover from your injury. Feel free to use the locker rooms to get ready for work after your treatment or come in right from work with your gym bag.  The club is at your fingertips when you are a patient of Boston Sports Medicine.  Have a seat in our lounge, enjoy a hot beverage, access our WIFI, and check your email.  We know that going to physical therapy in the past was not the most exciting thought.  We have created an experience that you will be excited about and have added incredible value for your copayment.

A partnership between Boston Sports Medicine and Leap Fitness creates a total wellness experience within club walls. We have created a true medical model through complementary programming. With extreme fitness trends repeatedly making headlines for the amount of injuries involved in the workouts, collaborating with a sports-medicine practice communicates the brand’s belief in developing a strong, healthy foundation for a lifetime of growth

Boston Sports Medicine physical therapy Marblehead and Leap Fitness promote a healthy lifestyle and an exceptional experience for our patients that encourages, supports and educates people unlike any other physical therapy clinic in the country. We now add the elements of being a fun place to recover in a clean, luxury environment.

The partnership with Leap Fitness is outstanding because we use a team approach to make people well. The collaboration between fitness and medical care just doesn’t exist outside of our Leap Fitness clinics. Since many of our patients stay with Leap Fitness as club members, we can monitor them in the short term, coach them in the long term and make sure they’re able to achieve all of their goals. That’s fun for us. That’s what this is all about.

This partnership will serve Leap Fitness members and non-members alike. Most health insurance providers cover the cost of physical therapy and subsidize a health-club membership as well. With both offerings available at Leap Fitness, patients and members can leverage both services in a single location.

We have been providing top-notch care in the Boston area since 1999.  Through the partnership between Boston Sports Medicine physical therapy Marblehead and Leap Fitness, we have created a full-service wellness experience. As we grow with Leap Fitness, we can allow more people to benefit from our superior care and improve more outcomes. It is the future of our industry.



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