The best physical therapist Marblehead, MA and surrounding area residents can turn to is Boston Sports Medicine in Marblehead, MA. Combined with Leap Fitness on 46 Tioga Way in the beautiful town of Marblehead, we offer a great approach to sports medicine and physical therapy. Marblehead residents who turn to us for physical rehabilitation purposes can benefit from our “club” fitness center and unbeatable amenities. When searching for a physical therapist, Marblehead residents can count on the experience and expertise provided by Boston Sports Medicine.

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We Provide Outstanding Physical Therapy in Marblehead, MA

With over a decade of experience serving Boston area residents with outstanding physical therapy and care, our organization is proud to expand to the North Shore. Located in Marblehead, we are able to use our partnership with Leap Fitness to promote healthy living, preventative sports injury education, and injury rehabilitation from one, central location. Our approach to physical therapy in Marblehead is unlike any other clinics in the country. We aim to provide an environment that is fun, clean, and upscale, which is one reason why you can trust we are the best physical therapist Marblehead has to offer.

A Wellness Center and Physical Therapist Patients Know and Trust

When you require physical therapy, Marblehead based, Boston Sports Fitness is the place to turn. If you’ve been prescribed physical therapy due to an injury, most insurance providers will cover the cost of fitness required by your physical therapist. Marblehead patients at Boston Sports Medicine can benefit from our center’s “club” like fitness complex and its staff of health care professionals, at no extra fee! The best physical therapist Marblehead athletes and injured residents can turn to is waiting to hear from you at your local Boston Sports Medicine. Call us today!

Boston Sports Medicine: Best Physical Therapy in Marblehead, MA

The physical therapist Marblehead residents can rely on for personalized care from attentive health care professionals is at Boston Sports Medicine. Our partnership with Leap Fitness has allowed us to incorporate the exercise elements of any rehabilitation program in a hand’s on manner. We provide an all inclusive wellness center; along with the physical therapy Marblehead residents can rely on to restore functionality and reduce pain to their injuries. To schedule an appointment at Boston Sports Medicine in Marblehead, call our office today at (617)987-0040. We’re the best physical therapist Marblehead MA residents can turn to, and are accepting new patients now!


Boston Sports Medicine
If you are looking for a physical therapist in Marblehead, Salem, Beverly or Swampscott than contact Boston Sports Medicine. BSM in Marblehead has a modern facility that can help you recover from any injury.
46 Tioga Way, Marblehead, MA 01945
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