Restore functionality after an injury, and return to the activities you love faster with a reliable sports therapist. Lynn residents suffering from a sport related injury should contact Boston Sports Medicine. We’re experts in sports therapy and athletic fitness, and have been providing outstanding sports therapy to Boston athletes since 1999. We have the unique ability to offer our patients a combination of physical therapy and athletic regiments in a clean, “club” like atmosphere. When you turn to Boston Sports Medicine in Swampscott, you will have access to all of the great amenities we provide our patients. Enjoy free WIFI in our relaxing lounge, as you sip on a hot beverage while waiting for you appointment. For a unique approach to sports therapy, Lynn residents can turn to the experts at Boston Sports Medicine.

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Boston Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

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Treatment from a Dedicated Sports Therapist near Lynn, MA

Here at Boston Sports Medicine, we provide our patients with a team of health care professionals and physical therapists who work together to create the best, personalized approaches to recovery. The sports therapist Lynn patients can count on is at Boston Sports Medicine. We can exam, asses, and treat any sports injury, as well as advise about preventative treatments for sports injuries. When turning to Boston Sports Medicine for sports therapy, Lynn patients can rest assured that they will be receiving the best treatments for their injuries.

Sports Therapy Lynn Patients Know and Trust

When you are a patient at Boston Sports Medicine in Swampscott, not only will you have access to a physical therapist that can properly treat your injury, but you will also have the ability to build on your strength throughout your recovery at our fitness club. The sports therapist Lynn residents can turn to for a dedicated team of health care experts is just down the street at Boston Sports Medicine. We’re committed to providing sports therapy Lynn residents can rely on for restoring full functionality after any sports injury.

A Sports Therapist Lynn Athletes Can Turn to For All Sports Injuries

To learn more about how a sports therapist near Lynn can help you recover from a recent, or ongoing sports injury, contact our office today! When it comes to sports therapy, Lynn athletes can trust in the professional treatments provided at Boston Sports Medicine. Call us today at (617) 987-0040 to schedule an appointment with a reliable sports therapist. Lynn patients can rest assured that our office can help to fully restore functionality after a sports injury, returning them to their full physical capacity as quickly as possible.


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