The best physical therapist Lynn residents can turn to is at Boston Sports Medicine. With over a decade of providing outstanding services throughout Boston, we’re proud to bring our effective approach of physical therapy to Lynn and surrounding North Shore towns. Located in Swampscott, MA, our North Shore center is now accepting new patients! When turning to a Boston Sports Medicine physical therapist, Lynn residents will find that we provide a different experience. We bring our North Shore patients a “club” atmosphere, which offers a luxury fitness center, equipped with top-of-the-line exercise amenities, physical therapists, and health club professionals. The best physical therapist Lynn residents can turn to is at Boston Sports Medicine.

503 Humphrey Street

Boston Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

503 Humphrey Street
Swampscott, MA 01907


A Different Approach to Physical Therapy Lynn Patients Love

When it comes to physical therapy, Lynn residents have never known an office like Boston Sports Medicine. Together with Leap Fitness, we have created a physical therapy experience that provides our patients true value. Our lounge is equipped with free WIFI, and complimentary hot beverages, in a relaxing, clean atmosphere that sets the precedence for enjoyable physical therapy. Lynn residents who are seeking a physical therapist who not only offers the best recovery options, but also the best environment to promote healthy healing, should turn to Boston Sports Medicine. We are proud to be among the top physical therapists Lynn residents can turn to for a variety of sports and/or physical injuries.

Personalized Treatment from an Experienced Physical Therapist Lynn

The best physical therapist in Lynn is ready to help you at Boston Sports Medicine. We provide hands on treatment using the industry’s best technologies, and approaches to achieve maximum rehabilitation results. We personalize all treatment plans to the needs and injuries of our valued patients; making us the physical therapist Lynn patients can trust. To learn more about the innovative approaches taken by the best physical therapist, Lynn residents can contact our office to schedule an initial appointment today!

The Best Physical Therapist Lynn Residents Can Call On

Boston Sports Medicine in Swampscott brings our patients an all-inclusive experience from their physical therapy. Lynn patients who turn to Boston Sports Medicine have the opportunity to receive personalized treatments, which include athletic regiments that can be accomplished in our center. Since 1999, our organization has been providing top care in and around Boston, and is now proud to offer the most trusted physical therapist Lynn and surrounding town residents can turn to. We are accepting patients, and want to hear from you! Call our office today at (617) 987-0040 to set up your initial visit with the best physical therapist Lynn patients can rely on for top-notch rehabilitation.


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