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Please visit our
Physical Therapy Watertown office
in the GymIt Health Club

Physical Therapy Watertown
36 Arlington Street
at GymIt Health Club
Watertown, MA 02472
Tel: 617.926.2300
Fax: 617.926.5886
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We offer Active Release Techniques (ART) at this location.

ART treatment


Clinic Hours:

Monday and Wednesday
7am – 8pm

Tuesday and Thursday
1pm – 8pm

7am – 2pm

 Boston Sports Medicine Physical Therapy Watertown is not in a tiny, tired little room or in an old building off the beaten path.  We are in a full-service health club with all the amenities at your disposal offering you the best physical therapists in town.  We are serious about helping you recover with the best resources available to you.

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