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KC Butt, Physical Therapist

KC Butt, Physical Therapist

To the patients of our Swampscott office –

Boston Sports Medicine is pleased to announce our newest Physical Therapist to join us as a member of the Swampscott team, KC Butt. KC comes to us with a wealth of knowledge and extensive background in Physical Therapy and Athletic Training. She is excited and ready to help get you back in the game today!

A native of the Swampscott area, KC is a lifelong athlete that has devoted her career to the surrounding communities by connecting to individuals through movement. She received her Bachelor’s of Physical Therapy from the University of New England and went on to achieve her degree in Athletic Training. As a previously established Physical Therapist in the area, KC is looking forward to treating familiar faces and new ones by providing those clients with the most up-to-date and state-of-the-art therapies.

Her extensive background includes working with clients of all ages and backgrounds. As an athlete herself, KC has spent time working with various skill levels, from adult professionals and college-level athletics to disabled and youth athletes. She has also had the opportunity to expand on working with younger patients through her time spent in a local school system with students of all abilities and through coaching local teams in soccer, track, and lacrosse.

As a part of our team, KC brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with her and is excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with our staff members to create the best patient experience possible. She believes in the power of healing through movement and knows the positive impacts it can have to help minimize discomfort and pain while helping to restore clients to their previous level of function.

When she is not working with clients or coaching her local athletes, KC enjoys keeping herself active through running and participating in triathlons. No matter the activity, it is clear, her passion is movement and exercise, but more importantly, teaching individuals how they can use these things to benefit their overall well-being.

KC is proud to now be a member of the Boston Sports Medicine Swampscott team. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge for helping patients and athletes get back to the top of their game!

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KC’s Bio:

KC (Kathleen) Butt grew up in Swampscott and is excited to be joining the Boston Sports Medicine team.  She received her Bachelors of Physical Therapy from the University of New England in 1992 as well as an Athletic training degree. Throughout her career, KC has worked with all types of athletes including: college, professional, disabled and youth athletes.  She also previously worked in the school setting with children of varying abilities. She is passionate about working with her clients to improve their efficiency of movement while minimizing pain and discomfort, as well as restoring them to their prior level of function. KC is a life long athlete enjoying all sports including running and participating in triathlons.  She has also enjoyed coaching local soccer, track and lacrosse teams.


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