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Directions From Legacy Place

Physical Therapy in Dedham, Massachusetts

Boston Sports Medicine has opened a satellite clinic in Dedham, MA that is open for business and now accepting patients. We are conveniently located on High Street in Dedham. Need directions to this location? If so, we are providing our patients driving directions to our physical therapy clinic from the popular Legacy Place in Dedham.

Offering great shopping, food, and entertainment, Legacy Place in Dedham is a popular location for people to visit and enjoy their time while out and about. As a highly frequented destination in Dedham, we thought that it would be useful to provide directions to our MA physical therapy clinic from these shops. If you are nearby Legacy Place, and are looking for physical therapy services, it will be to your great benefit to contact us. We are one of the premier names in Massachusetts when it comes to all things physical therapy. Offering a wide array of physical services, we are the first choice for many Boston area locals. Whether you are rehabilitating from an injury from sports, exercise, or your profession, our specialists are here to help. Boston is a town that is famous for both sports and medicine, so it makes total sense that we have some of the most talented physical therapists as well. At Boston Sports Medicine, we are extremely happy to serve the people of Dedham, MA. Our Dedham satellite location gives local patients a convenient option to get the very best out of our services.

We are located north of the Legacy Place shops. A popular Dedham destination containing beloved shops such as Whole Foods, Apple Store, L.L. Bean, and Vineyard Vines, most locals know all about Legacy Place. At Boston Sports Medicine, we make it easy to find our satellite location from popular destinations all across town. We always want the best for our patients, so we always try to make their lives as easy as possible. Let us help you recover from your injury. We can help you ensure that you get back to action as soon as possible. We can also help with injury prevention, making you an all around better athlete, and improving your quality of life. At Boston Sports Medicine, we specialize in physical therapy for dancers, from ballet and beyond, Also, we are specialists in aquatic therapy, physical therapy for teens and kids, tactical athlete physical therapy, and physical therapy for students. We are also happy to provide our world-class physical therapy services to international patients all across the world.

If you are interested in some of the Boston area’s all-around best physical therapists, contact Boston Sports Medicine today. If you are in Dedham, MA, visit our local offices. We are located in a convenient spot, close to the shops at Legacy Place. If you are in the Legacy Place area, we are very close by at 570 High Street. At Boston Sports Medicine, we are always happy to serve Dedham, MA residents. Feel free to stop by!

For more information, read more about our satellite clinic in Dedham.


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