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Directions From Fairbanks House

Physical Therapy Clinic Dedham

In the town of Dedham, MA, Boston Sports Medicine has opened a satellite location. We are one of the best and most highly respected physical therapy clinics in the Boston area. Our dedicated staff is proud to provide world-class physical therapy services to people from all over. With our clinic is Dedham, we now have another location at which to serve more patients to the best of our ability. Located in Dedham, MA we offer a convenient spot for locals or neighbors of this area to receive our exceptional PT care. We are located close to the Fairbanks House, which is a popular landmark in the town of Dedham. Most Dedham locals immediately know and recognize the Fairbanks House, so what better way to introduce our Dedham clinic to the area than provide driving directions from the Fairbanks House directly to our physical therapy offices.

Located on East Street in Dedham, the Fairbanks House is a historical treasure. It is the oldest surviving timber frame house in North America. Now a museum, the Fairbanks House serves as a popular and well known local landmark in the town of Dedham. The Fairbanks House was built in 1637 for Jonathan and Grace Fairbanks and their children. Over the course of eight generations, it has been home to that family. Now, the Fairbanks House is a historic house museum and on the National Register of Historic Places. It is rare that a historic house survives in such great condition over the years. This makes the Fairbanks House a one of a kind historical museum, and example of a piece of seventeenth century America surviving today. As it is a highly frequented Dedham landmark, it is useful to know where Boston Sports Medicine’s Dedham office is located in relation to the Fairbanks House. If you want to know more about our team at Boston Sports Medicine, feel free to keep browsing the rest of our site, or give us a call today! We are happy to answer any questions that you may have about our clinics. Get in touch with us, we are happy to talk you through things.

The staff working at Boston Sports Medicine wants to ensure that you have an easy time reaching us at our Dedham satellite clinic. Going above and beyond for our patients, we are providing directions from some of the popular landmarks of Dedham, Massachusetts. Whether you are a current patient of ours, or if you have recently suffered a sports injury, we are here to help. We’ll help you recover in the quickest way possible, so you can get back out on the field at one hundred percent. We know what it takes to help athletes of all kinds get back on the road to recovery. We even have international patients that come to experience the top class physical therapy from Boston Sports Medicine. If you are looking for top of the line physical therapy clinics in Dedham, visit us today at Boston Sports Medicine. Come experience the difference!

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