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Directions From Blue Hills Reservation

Dedham Physical Therapist

Have you recently suffered a sports injury? Perhaps you have an active profession and got injured on the job? Either way, the best path to a speedy and full recovery is through physical therapy. What is physical therapy? Physical therapy is usually defined as the treatment of injury through physical methods rather than surgery or medication. Massage techniques and rehabilitation exercises are common practice when it comes to physical therapy. Did you know that one of the most respected physical therapy clinics in the Boston area, Boston Sports Medicine, has recently opened a satellite clinic located in Dedham, MA? If you live in or near Dedham, MA, we offer a convenient location where you can experience the full slate of benefits from our physical therapy experts.

In Dedham, MA, but you do not know where exactly our satellite clinic is located? Surely, you know of Blue Hills Reservation. Here, we are providing directions from the popular Blue Hills Reservation, to the Boston Sports Medicine Dedham clinic. We do this in order to give you a general idea of where we are located. We are always trying to improve our clinics for our patients, and our Dedham location is no exception. Located close to Blue Hills Reservation, we are now available in a convenient spot for you to visit. For those who do not know, Blue Hills Reservation is a 6000 acre state park located in Massachusetts. It is a scenic outdoor haven in the midst of the buzz of the nearby city of Boston. Part of Blue Hills Reservation runs through Dedham. Complete with hiking and mountain biking trails, cross country skiing, and pond swimming to enjoy in the summer months, Blue Hills Reservation is a must for any outdoor enthusiast. Many of our Boston-area patients are athletes who love spending time at Blue Hills Reservation, especially because it is so close by! Our Dedham location is now just a very quick ride from Blue Hills Reservation. Stop by to check it out.

At Boston Sports Medicine, we are proud to offer some of the very best when it comes to physical therapy. We have many past patients who can vouch for our care. Our staff has a deep understanding of physical therapy, and we are proud to give all of our patients our very best. Look no further than our offices when you need to bounce back from a sports injury. Conveniently located with clinics all across the Boston area, you can rest assured that seeking out physical therapy from Boston Sports Medicine will be a wise decision. If you have any questions, do not hesitate in giving us a call. We are happy to talk with you to discuss your particular situation. If you would like to schedule an appointment, feel free to contact us today! We know what it takes to get you back to feeling 100 percent. Physical therapy is our specialty. Discover how we can help you.

Visit our new satellite physical therapy location in Dedham, MA.


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