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Boston Sports Med – Physical Therapy Clinics Wilmington

We Offer Revolutionary, Off-the-Path Physical Therapy Clinics Wilmington for the Best Results.

There are many Physical Therapy Clinics in Wilmington, but None Can Offer You Our Holistic Approach.

Boston Sports Med, the Ultimate Physical Therapy Clinic to Get You Back in the Game


We offer State-of-the-art Sports PT in Wilmington.

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The Secret to our Revolutionary Therapy

Half our secret is that each physical therapy patient that comes to us for physical therapy care is treated in all its uniqueness with all our resources. Yes, we assess the situation from a holistic point of view and create the perfect strategy to address the specific needs of each patient. Furthermore, it is our core belief that sports PT needs to focus all efforts on the muscles and joints that the specific sport of the athlete demands the most. For example, endurance physical therapists will work heavily on the group muscles these athletes need to rely on when racing long distances.

On the other hand, some sports are heavier on joints and you might come to us for knee pain relief or back chronic pain relief. Furthermore, you might need to go through rehab after surgical intervention.

Regardless of your needs, we have state-of-the-art facilities and employ only the best-qualified staff in the area for each of our specialties. Finally, the second half of the secret that makes our approach so effective is the environment. Yes, we take healthcare to the next level by working on your confidence and mood and keeping you moving forward physically and mentally.

We are Boston Sports Med, your #1 option for Sports PT and physical therapy in Wilmington.

The Best Physical Therapy Clinic in Wilmington

Our revolutionary approach isn’t the only thing that makes Boston Sports Med the best option for physical therapy in Wilmington.

We also offer brick-and-mortar facilities to address each of your needs with the latest in technology and the best professionals in the area. Yes, we offer you the same attention quality in each of our 7 locations in the Boston area. So, whether you need ankle pain relief, elbow pain relief, hip pain relief, or our pediatric-oriented and teenage physical therapy services, you’ll find optimum conditions to fully recover your health. Also, you can learn how to practice your favorite sport in a healthy, injury-free way. Furthermore, we go the extra mile and offer diabetes and weight maintenance programs for our patients.

You go out, play the game at its best, and let us take care of your physical efforts.

Our Pain Relief Services

We offer more than just physical therapy. We also offer treatment for patients who need to go through acute pain derived from sports injuries. Yes, our Sports PT not only offers therapy services; in our clinic, you’ll also encounter a highly supportive, fun, and comfortable working environment that will help you fight back pain.

These are some of our pain relief-specific services:

  • Ultrasound – We offer continuous and pulsed ultrasound treatment to help with pain reduction and also tissue repair.
  • Laser Therapy – Laser therapy can help fight back the pain while being an absolutely pain-free, sterile, and non-invasive tool.
  • Compressive Cooling – Our computer-controlled system circulates ice-cold water around the injured limb while applying massaging pressure.
  • Iontophoresis – By utilizing this technique we can send medication directly to the area of the injury. Thus, we can control pain and inflammation faster and more effectively.
  • Gait Training/Gait Analysis – Through the observation of an individual’s walking pattern, posture, and flexibility, we can eliminate pain and restore normal movement.
  • Dry Needling – This technique generates a mechanical and neuromuscular effect that boosts the body’s ability to heal. This phenomenon has a positive effect on pain reduction.

Boston Sports Med is a Patient-Centered Organization

From our management to our physical therapists, everyone in Boston Sports Med works their best to bring every patient the exact treatment they need.

We are your best option for Sports PT in Wilmington.

Moreover, most physical therapy clinics offer patients a tried-and-true, one-fits-all solution that falls short in addressing the specifics of your case. Yes, regardless of the qualification of the physical therapist, your injury won’t heal fully unless it is treated in all its uniqueness and complexity. This requires going the extra mile, and that’s something we do every day. Plus, we actively search for the balance between injury prevention, state-of-the-art facilities, and the best staff to provide nothing but top-notch service for every patient.

If you’re looking for some back pain relief, or in the look for Wilmington physical therapy to get back in the game after an injury, we are your go-to option.

Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy Services for All

Pain is a universal feeling. It doesn’t discriminate between top-tier athletes and teenagers running after a ball. Therefore, every sportsperson is potentially a patient. We understand the complexity of the human body and that every case and the patient is different. Our services echo our philosophy and our wellness and care systems work holistically.

Furthermore, understanding this universal quality of pain allowed us to devise a service that can help all patients. Yes, through our physical therapy services, we can help you go through difficult rehabilitation and finish or drastically diminish chronic pain. But that’s not all; we can also help you avoid injuries with our special programs.

Yes, we work with a group of utterly talented professionals in every discipline. By choosing Boston Sports Med, we ensure you the chance of being in the hands of professionals regardless of your treatment of choice and needs.

Don’t settle for anything less than excellence in Sports PT, contact us today and hire our professional services to get back in the game stronger than ever.

We are the #1 Choice for Top-Notch Physical Therapy in Wilmington

We Offer You a Patient-Centered Approach that will Help You Recover in a Great Environment That is Emotionally Supporting, Fun, and Comfortable

We Are Boston Sports Med, the Best Physical Therapy Clinics Wilmington to Get You Back On The Game ASAP.

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