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Best Sports Therapy in Wilmington

We Offer Sports Therapy Wilmington for Recovering Athletes, Sports Enthusiasts, Children, and Teenagers alike.

Let World-Class Physical Therapy Help you Gain, Recover, and develop your Strength.

We’re your #1 Choice, Your Best Ally in Getting Back in the Game after Sports Injuries.

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We Treat Sports Injuries to get you back into the Game

In the year 2021, 3.2 million people reached the emergency department because of sports injuries related to sports and recreational equipment.

According to this data, being able to treat sports injuries is paramount to having a long, sound, and successful sports career. But not all rehab for sports injuries is done equally. Furthermore, there is a big difference between sports-oriented treatments and general physiotherapy.

Athletes need more than just physical treatment to overcome injuries; they need the right environment, emotional support, and a tailor-made approach to get back in the game stronger.

Boston Sports Med offers everything from our sports injury telehealth service to post-surgical rehab. Moreover, we also offer relief for musculoskeletal disorders and relief for complex joints like the elbow and wrist.

We are proud to serve elite-level athletes, tactical athletes, ballet dancers, students, travelers, teenagers, and pediatric patients as well.

We offer the best sports therapy in Wilmington.

Why is Boston Sports Med Physical Therapy Different from the Rest?

Not all Sports PT are the same. Boston Sports Med differentiates from all competition by offering a handpicked team that can lead your way back to the game through a revolutionary approach.

According to a recent study, aquatic therapy can have a bigger and more positive impact on health and well-being than physical therapy. Moreover, these positive differences can impact pain reduction, quality of life, mental state, and sleep quality. Our team of specialists will help you recover from a sports injury through physical and aquatic therapy.

Yes, Boston Sports Med’s revolutionary, bold step forward is offering a holistic approach to injury recovery that can be a game-changer for patients.

Indeed, especially in the case, the injuries are in difficult joints and muscles, we offer state-of-the-art technology to address them. Elbow pain relief, knee pain relief, and ankle pain relief are great examples of this service.

But that’s not all, because Boston Sports Med plays an active role in helping Boston’s sports enthusiasts, athletes, and professionals. That’s right, we offer physical therapy to treat injuries and perform post-surgery rehab, but we also offer physical therapy to prevent injuries.

For example, we offer a course for ballet dancers one year in advance before they start using pointes. That way, dancers can prevent future injuries helping them move forward in their careers faster.

Finally, our goal-oriented, comfortable, enjoyable, and supportive environment is exactly what athletes need to get back in the game, stronger than ever.

Get World-Class Sports Therapy Wilmington

Boston Sports Med offers world-class sports therapy for the Wilmington community.

As a part of our commitment as an elite-level service provider, we hire the best therapists in the area. But we don’t stop there; we’re always on the hunt for new resources that will allow us to broaden our resources catalog.

Yes, we go the extra mile to offer you the latest in matters of sports physical therapy. We are fully immersed in the always-changing, dynamic world of sports PT for each of the specialties we offer.

Our world-class approach starts with our physical therapists working on your case with the latest technology and from a multifaceted point of view.

Secondly, we will create a tailor-made strategy that can address the uniqueness of your case.

Finally, our team, made of a highly-qualified physical therapist for each specialty, will help you get back in the game ASAP.

We are Boston Sports Med, We Are the Go-To Option in Wilmington for Physical Therapy

We help our patients to get back in the game through a wide arrange of physical therapy services.

Yes, our patients can be anything from athletes, sports enthusiasts, technical athletes, and ballet dancers, to individuals looking for pain relief.

We offer a custom-made solution for each of our patients and their specific injuries. This way, we can focus exactly on their needs making our treatment more effective.

Hence, whether you need rehab services after surgery, to recover from injuries, prevent them, or just deal with your pain, our staff is qualified to get you back in the game.

These are our Physical Therapy Services:

  • Dance & Ballet – We are proud members of the International Association for Dance Medicine & Science (IADMS) and the Boston Ballet Health Alliance.
  • Physical Therapy for Students – Boston Sports Med helps students from every major university in the Boston area get back in the game.
  • Teenagers & Pediatrics – Teenagers and children need sports and outdoor activities for well-being. Gift them an injury-free summer of games and fun with our summer program for the youngest athletes.
  • Tactic Athlete – The police force, firefighters, military, and paramedics are exposed to specific injuries. We can offer each of our heroes the care they need to be back to their duty in no time.
  • International Travelers – We are aware of the international quality of our services and address the needs of patients from all over the world. Our sports, orthopedic, and post-surgical rehabilitation and our aquatic therapy make Boston Sports Med the go-to option for athletes in every corner of the globe.

We Take the Pain Away while You Recover from Your Injury

We help you get back from your injuries removing pain from the equation. 

Yes, we, at Boston Sports Med, consider the health of every patient to be our number one priority. Moreover, it is a part of the company’s mission: to help as many people as we can at all times.

This bold statement makes our company a patient-centered endeavor where you can get rehabilitation, training, and the perfect balance between the emotional and physical recovery needed to get back in the game stronger.

That’s why we provide telehealth solutions and also offer our services in 7 locations in the Boston area. We want you to come, use our state-of-the-art facilities and experience our one-of-a-kind environmental support.

We’ll help you recover from your injury while experiencing the lowest possible level of pain or discomfort.

We promise that you’ll leave our facilities fully recovered from a physical and an emotional point of view

Hiring our services is the fastest, most comfortable, and most fun way to get back in the game after an injury.

Don’t let time go by; reclaim your athlete status today with our rehabilitation and injury-recovery services.

We are the #1 Sports Therapy Wilmington, We Are Boston Sports Med

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