Increase the effectiveness of your workout or recovery without straining your body with aquatic therapy in the Belmont, MA area. Moving exercises to the pool is helpful to many patients; the natural properties of water can simultaneously provide a satisfying workout, decrease the possibility of injury, and speed healing.

If your doctor suggests aquatic therapy, Boston Sports Medicine offers aquatic therapy in a state of the art Hydroworx pool, specifically designed to help you recover.

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Hydroworx Aquatic Therapy near Belmont, MA

  • Temperature-controlled water
  • Underwater treadmill
  • Sodium bromide cleaning system avoids the harsh odor of chlorine
  • Pools are filled with salt water instead of fresh water; salt water has more buoyancy than fresh water
  • Areas with continuous current increase water resistance to enhance workouts
  • Easy and safe entry

The buoyancy of water provides physical support and removes pressure off of weak joints while patients move easily through positions and exercises that may be difficult or impossible to perform on land. Water resistance can turn simple movements into muscle working, providing a more effective workout without additional strain. Water pressure reduces swelling; it minimizes the damage from inflammation, sprains, and other injuries.

Aquatic Therapy Belmont, MA with Boston Sports Medicine

Early introduction to therapy, consistent exposure to water’s healing properties, and attendance by medical professionals make Boston Sports Medicine’s aquatic therapy smart and attractive.


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