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soma system® for Our Patients

Katherine Hartsell, PTA

We introduced soma system® to our patients at Boston Sports Medicine (click here for the introductory blog about soma system® self bodywork if you missed it). We have integrated this intervention into our treatments for patients that need and want to take their self-care “beyond foam rolling.” As healthcare professionals committed to the highest quality care, we have valued this thoughtful approach to common issues related to tension and imbalance in the body, and we have tracked positive gains in our patients participating in this work. Having received this positive feedback from the many patients regularly implementing these self-bodywork techniques.

While we always review specific steps for safely and effectively performing the self-bodywork of soma system®, patients have many times requested for instructions that they can take home with their tools. I am delighted to announce that we now have a soma system® YouTube channel that patients can resource at anytime. Recently added are 5 and 10 minute videos for virtually every region of the body. These videos include brief anatomy education, guided technique instructions, and plenty of modifications and variations. Filmed at our Boston Sports Medicine Studio, these videos are free to view and follow at anytime.

As a certified teacher and Director of Dance of soma system®, I welcome any feedback or questions that you have about the concepts of self-bodywork, the tools, and the videos. I can be reached at