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by David Merson, DPT


Coordination, collaboration, and teamwork are the cornerstones to providing comprehensive sports medicine services.   One of my high school directors always preached “surround yourself with excellence”, and that mantra stuck with me to this day.    Over the course of my professional career, I have been fortunate to learn from and work with many great individuals.   One of my goals is to reestablish these relationships.  Collaborating with as many professionals as possible will ultimately benefit my patients.  The team approach is pivotal for patients, student-athletes, or the highly competitive athletes that I treat each and every day.   It is all about building a better STRUCTURE of knowledge.

Recently, one of my former Boston University colleagues, Erin Gahan, ATC of Iron Body Studios, reached out to me. He has formed his own personal training business that incorporates kettlebell training with evidence based practice.  We had a great meeting the other day.  Erin and I created a framework of cross-collaboration in patient care.   In our perspective, sports medicine is not just about treating injury, but improving a person’s mechanics, structure, and overall function.   This concept is the basis of physical therapy education, but in my opinion it goes a step further.

I am looking forward to the following action to be taken over the next year:

  • More highly motivated discussions regarding patient care, functional training
  • Formation of functional training courses that utilizes cornerstones of personal training (TRX and Kettlebell Training) at Boston Sports Medicine
  • Staying a step ahead of the widely practiced sports medicine trends in the Boston area

Would you be interested in taking part in these types of functional training classes at Boston Sports Medicine?  If so, shoot us an email at  We would love to hear what you think.

It is my passion and excitement to increase collaboration with other sports medicine providers.   Any and all feedback will be extremely helpful.

Dr. Merson is a Physical Therapist at Boston Sports Medicine