When Should I Stretch?

by Michael J. Velsmid, DPT, MS Our patients often ask us when they should stretch, before or after exercise.  It seems that everyone has a different opinion on this.  You see athletes stretching as part of their warm-up.  Trainers will tell you to spend fifteen minutes stretching after cardiovascular exercise in the gym.  Every fitness…

Aquatic Therapy to Rehabilitate Posterior Tibialis Tendonitis in a Marathon Runner

by Jennifer Mohns, DPT

Aquatic physical therapy minimizes down-time for marathon runners who are recovering from injury. Here is a perfect example of a marathon runner getting help from Boston Sports Medicine’s experts in aquatic therapy, utilizing our state of the art Hydroworx pools.

Dr. Mohns is a Physical Therapist at Boston Sports Medicine

Injury Prevention Program

By Jennifer Mohns, DPT   Does your child complain of pain after playing sports? Is your child the smallest or slowest player on the field? Do you worry that your child will sustain a sports-related injury? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it may be beneficial to enroll your child in…