Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL Injury) Rehabilitation

The ACL injury is one of the most common knee injuries. A torn ACL most often occurs with hyperextension of the knee during fast movements or when hit by another athlete. Commonly, the foot is planted on the ground and another player comes into contact with the side of the knee, forcing it to buckle inward. You do not have to be an athlete to tear your ACL.  ACL injuries occur with slips and falls too.  The ACL is very strong ligament, so you could imagine the kind of force required to break it. Unfortunately, most often the ACL is not the only structure injured in these accidents, so it can be a complicated injury and a long recovery.

So, now that you have an ACL injury, you have to determine whether to go the non-operative or post-operative route. ACL surgery is pretty routine, but not all ACL injuries require surgery. A physical therapist can help you make a decision.  In any case, you can almost guarantee that you will be referred to physical therapy. You probably had injuries in the past that you walked off. This is not one of them. You will need help. Think of it as an investment of your time toward a trouble free future with your knee. Be careful in your selection of providers, as the difference between a good physical therapist and a great physical therapist can determine not only the length of time it will take for you to recover, but the quality of life you will have after an ACL injury. This is especially important if you go through the trouble to have ACL reconstruction.

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