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I came to Boston Sports Medicine for help with an injured Pec / Rhomboid / Subscapularus combo from rowing. Both Jenny and Erin were very knowledgeable and always willing to listen to what was going on. They helped me build up enough strength to finally get back on the water with my teammates. They were always friendly and willing to fit me into their schedules whenever I needed treatment. I’d definitely recommend them to anymore looking for a great PT.

“I’d definitely recommend them to anymore looking for a great PT”

My 15 year old daughter suffered a serious meniscus tear injury with subsequent meniscus repair surgery this past winter / spring. Based on the recommendation of a friend, who was very enthusiastic about Jennifer, the BSM facility, and the underwater treadmill, (I was intrigued by the water therapy), we decided to check out BSM at the end of my daughter’s regular PT elsewhere.

Jenny spent a couple of sessions with my daughter and we were sold; my daughter would not go elsewhere to get back in shape over the summer for her soccer season this fall. According to my daughter, Jenny was supportive, friendly, motivating, and a great person to work with. Jenny is an athlete in her own right, with her own history of injuries. I believe that Jenny’s empathy, along with her knowledge and training and confidence in the rehabilitation process made her just the right person to work with a 15 year old girl who was wondering how in the hell she would get back to playing competitive sports after being out for 8 mos. Jenny provided just the right degree of guidance and coaching and athletic training for my daughter to get to the next step of her rehab, getting back to the sports that she loves. Jenny went above and beyond for us and continues to be a valuable resource.

We just returned from our 3rd or 4th soccer game and we could not be more grateful; we would recommend Jennifer and Boston Sports Medicine to any athlete.

“We would recommend Jennifer and Boston Sports Medicine to any athlete”

I had pretty serious ankle injury and was struggling to get back into my daily routine. I worked with Erin twice a week, who was fantastic. Not only was she very knowledgeable about the injury and PT but had a wonderful personality. The whole team at BSM are fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone. I am back to playing competitive soccer and have Erin/BSM Team to thank!!

“BSM is a class act!”

I have been to many PT offices over the years and these guys are the best. Very clean busy office, I originally saw them while pregnant with my second and having major back issues (two flared herniated discs), saw them again during my third pregnancy and did the water therapy, they have two salt water pools and the treatment is great. I return from time to time with lower back or neck issues and after a few visits I am good to go.

– Alex C.

“Boston Sports Medicine is great”

I worked with David and Evie – both of whom were great. Extremely professional and very attentive. I would also point out that they found a blood clot resulting from a recent surgery. Without their assistance I don’t think I would have identified this as a potential issue. Thank you both for all of your help.

“Thank you both for all of your help”

I am an avid triathlete, regularly punishing my body to it’s limits with long days out on the road. In return, my body has awarded me my fair share of injuries – shoulder strains, plantar fasciitis, ITBS, Hip Flexor strains… just to name a few.

BSM has consistently exceeded my expectations in all facets of treatment. I have been using them for 2+ years and have never had a bad experience. I’ve worked with every PT/PTA on staff and have found their treatments and professionalism to be consistently exceptional across the board. Best of all, they understand the athlete mentality. They understand that losing fitness only takes a fraction of the time it takes to gain it back. They truly want you to reach your goals and perform your best, so they do everything they can to keep you training and racing in order to minimize the impact of injury on your fitness goals. I always refer my friends to Mike and his team and I strongly encourage you to give them a shot if you’re looking for a top-notch physical therapy facility with an all-star staff.

“A top-notch physical therapy facility with an all-star staff”

The staff is great and are very professional, kind, and knowledgable.

For PT I have been working with Dr. Erin Looney for about a year and a half due to structural hip issues and she’s fantastic.  She has a very extensive knowledge of the body and will explain everything to me in a very helpful way.  I started going to her before I had hip surgery and she helped me prepare my body really well leading up to surgery as well as recover afterward.

They also have Chiropractice services with Dr. Mael who has been incredibly wonderful in assisting me with my back, neck, and shoulders.

The facility is updated and clean and there are even single person pools for aquatic therapy!

“I’ve had nothing but wonderful experiences with Boston Sports Medicine”

I am overwhelmed by the professionalism and skill of the both Becky and Dave at this location! My therapy has been with Becky and my condition improved dramatically. The atmosphere was relaxed and upbeat. The personalities of these two therapists added to the overall therapy. I am not one to make therapy appointments but going here has made me want to keep my appointments.

My highest recommendation for either Becky or Dave at this location!! They are skilled, knowledgable and quite enjoyable.

“The atmosphere was relaxed and upbeat”

I highly recommend the Somerville location of Boston Sports Medicine for anyone needing physical therapy. Dr. Rebecca (Becky) Lingerfelt gets an A+ for being knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. She incorporates and tracks each patient’s medical history and diagnosis into her treatment plans.  Danielle and Ned also are very professional and knowledgeable.

The facility is accessible by car and the Red Line, and it is a modest and clean environment in which you will always feel welcome regardless of your age. I suffered severe sciatic trauma starting in May but I am graduating in December pain free and with excellent results.

“You will always feel welcome regardless of your age”

I started at boston sports medicine in late 2011. I had an impingement in my shoulder from my daily high volume photography projects. I was able to work with the Dr. Kelley Barrett who then worked with me through a meniscal repair into the spring and helped me heal and was able to return to work in strong and confident physical state.

Sadly, in the summer of 2012 Dr. Barrett relocated to New York but I, happily, was able to continue to work with Dr. Jennifer Mohns through part 2 of my knee surgery / repair. I had a former ACL from my days at Boston College where the former ACL had to be removed and the bone grafts were implanted along with using a piece of my hamstring to replace the ACL.

Today, it is exactly week 6 and Dr. Mohns style is clearly different than Dr. Barrett’s but equally balanced in the care, patience, understanding, educating and most of all good positive healing energy. Dr. Mohns and the staff at Boston Sports Medicine  are positively unique and is a special place for healing.

I will continue to strongly share, recommend and use their resources. Thank you everyone especially Dr. Barrett and Dr. Mohns for your kindness and understanding to your patients and community. Keep up the great work and keep healing.

“Thank you Boston Sports Medicine!”

It’s so awesome to work with a physical therapist who understands competitive athletes. Last summer, I crashed hard at a track bike racing clinic right before I was scheduled to start training for my cyclocross racing season; the crash screwed up my back and made cycling–particularly, intense efforts–really painful. After doing physical therapy with Sara at Boston Sports Medicine, though, the pain lessened and I was able to resume serious training in a matter of weeks!

“I was able to resume serious training in a matter of weeks!”

I am a mountaineer (that would include rock and ice climbing) and a triathlete. I have a chronic back injury in the last ~8 years, and I have seen several PTs. I can really say that in my case, Dr. Velsmid’s approach is the best. He would understand the biomechanical problem, find an approach to adjust whatever is wrong, and above all – he explains the way things work. He pays attention to limitations – e.g. will try to focus on exercises that take reasonable time; would help an athlete keep on the routine and not stop doing sports.

Finally and most important – it works! After being limited in my abilities for about 4 month due to major injury, he brings me back into my beloved way of living – combining the sports that keep me happy.

– Dr. Goren. — Alon Goren, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow

“Most important – it works!”


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