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Ok, so I had some pretty major injuries after getting run over by a car! Anyway my ankle was MESSED and I didn’t even realize it till the Percocet wore off a month later. Nothing MRI torn or x-ray broken but unable to walk. Also in the back of my mind I was hoping I was going to be able to ride my bike as soon as possible so I could still be in shape and do some racing in the Fall (injury in March).

Well, a friend referred me to see Sara Bresnick, former women’s World Cup Mountain Bike Pro. Whether it was Sara’s sense of humor or actual skill, I left feeling better after Day 1. Obviously it was a long road going in twice a week for a few months, but I am really happy with the way the PT went and how quickly Sara was able to help me recover and get on my bike so quickly without impairing my recovery time.

For a while I was worried I’d never be able to walk without pain again but eventually I was running and hiking again too. Sara was always able to help me find solid appointment times and it was really great to go to a physical therapist who understood that I wanted to be active and athletic again and that healing this to 80% was not okay!

Anyway, if you are a serious athlete with an injury I highly recommend Sara Bresnick as someone who can coach you through the recovery process far better than I ever imagined.

“I left feeling better after Day 1”

Although I have worked with many of the therapists at Boston Sports Medicine (and they have all been amazing,) I cannot say enough about Stacey C. Not only is she highly competent in her PT duties, but personally she is very affable and truly seems to care about her patients. I have been in and out of PT for the past year and a half and unfortunately began somewhere other than BSM. I can honestly say that if I had originally started here, I think I would be pain-free by now. Not only are their facilities clean and state of the art, but they have two pools with built in treadmills for water training.

If you are in need of PT, for whatever reason, look no further. BSM is the best I have experienced and the trainers are incredible. (And if Stacey has appointments available, you will never be disappointed… sore, yes… but also grateful because you know she will get you back to full form!)

“Look no further. BSM is the best I have experienced.”

I have gone here for a number of different sports injuries and rehab. Each time they do a thorough exam of the injury and outline a rehab plan. I like that it’s a smaller place and you aren’t sent with an assistant over to machines to do your rehab.

For the most part you are working one on one with the PT who has devised an individualized plan for you. They are also very good about accommodating last minute visits,- this has been very helpful to me in the days before a game or race.

“Individualized attention”

I am a 32 year old male, middle to long distance runner. 6 weeks into a critical training plan for an October marathon I was experiencing significant heel pain in my right foot. I was referred to Boston Sports Medicine by my running coach for the heel pain. Prior to checking in with BSM, I went to my PCP for a check up on my heel. X-rays showed nothing, and the doctor believed I was suffering from a bout of Plantar Fasciitis. Unconvinced this was the right prognosis I scheduled an appointment at BSM.

The facility is clean and cozy. The staff very friendly and helpful. I was welcomed and immediately introduced to my PT Andrew Provost. He did a general intake on my health and activity level and inquired to why I was there. Andrew was able to trouble shoot my injury within minutes to what he thought to be Achilles Tendinopathy. This is an acute overuse injury that is common in runners. We started treatment at once which included manual therapy as well as exercises and stretches. I was skeptical not of the treatment, but more if it would take hold as I was extremely active and training hard during this time. We stuck with it, and with 2 visits weekly and continued care at home I was able to stick to my training plan while improving function in my injured heel. I ran my marathon as planned and made my goal time that I had trained so hard for.

Certainly without the help of Andrew and BSM I would not have succeeded. I would highly recommend BSM to anyone who is need of physical therapy care.

“I would highly recommend BSM to anyone who is need of physical therapy care”

Kudos to my Physical Therapist (Dr. Lingerfelt), I am back in the game. I attended many sessions at their previous location (Twin City Plaza). Seriously, not to mention the work, professionalism, and skill, but the accommodation was unbelievable. Couple of times I had to change my appointment at the last minute and I am happy to say it was done without a single fuss. Indeed recommended; especially their new location at Davis Square.

“Indeed recommended; specially their new location at Davis Square”

I’ve treated there for various issues, initially receiving therapy for repetitive strain and a frozen shoulder several years ago – both with successful resolution. After arm & leg surgery in August 2011 that resulted in significant complications I returned. Dr. Erin Looney performed magic!

After several months of therapy on both arms for scar tissue and nerve damage, I was still in significant pain, enough so that I was unable to sleep through the night. Erin tried various approaches. While there was some improvement, after a few months of treatment, it looked as if there were no other options and I was told that I would have to terminate.

Erin continued to research, and a few weeks later had me return for a new treatment that produced amazing results. Without the cupping treatment, I would have become significantly limited in the use of my arms. I’m not only pain-free and back to normal range of motion, I’ve been inspired to begin and maintain a new life style.

Early on in therapy, they had me walking in the Aqua pool since I also had swelling in my legs from the surgery. I initially went 5 days a week, then 3 days before joining a health club and beginning Aqua aerobics. It was a turning point. I’m exercising regularly now and LOVE it, and about to participate in my 2nd 5K run/walkathon on September 23. Since I’m in my 60s, and just began any kind of regular exercise 9 months ago, this is no small feat and doable because of the continual support and encouragement of Erin, and other BSM therapists, Stacy and Kathy.

Erin has been kind, caring, and skillful. I am so grateful for her treatment and for Boston Sports Medicine. I recommend them highly, if you need physical therapy, they are the place to go.

“Boston Sports Medicine is excellent in all aspects”

I worked with David and Evie – both of whom were great. Extremely professional and very attentive. I would also point out that they found a blood clot resulting from a recent surgery. Without their assistance I don’t think I would have identified this as a potential issue. Thank you both for all of your help.

“Thank you both for all of your help”

This is the second time I’ve gone to Boston Sports Medicine for treatment. I recently had knee surgery to repair frequent dislocations. I am seeing Stacy for treatment and she is knowledgeable, caring and encouraging.  After a complication with my recovery, I had to temporarily cancel our appointments and Stacy even checked in to make sure I was doing okay. When I returned to PT, she was very supportive and made sure my program addressed the surgery recovery but also considered my concerns due to the complication. She also has been flexible with changes to our scheduled apts because of other unexpected medical appointments.

I enjoy going to my apts each week because she and the other staff are all very friendly and create a positive environment that really encourages recovery. I would definitely recommend Stacy and Boston Sports Medicine for anyone who is looking for physical therapy.

“Knowledgeable, caring and encouraging”

I have been in the healing process from a herniated Lumbar Disc and in traditional PT at a different location for many months. With continual flare ups, it was recommended that I stop PT to see if these episodes would cease and my pain decrease. The symptoms were reduced.

After a rest and in order to restart the strengthening process, my neurologist recommended water therapy. It was in this search that I discovered Dr. David at Boston Sports Medicine.

After an extensive evaluation, David was able to diagnose certain problems and come up with a treatment plan that is working and helping me become pain free. David is a true miracle worker! He is extremely intelligent and knowledgeable about body mechanics and explains with confidence the reasoning behind all the exercises and maneuvers. Pairing his knowledge, his compassion and his ability and willingness to truly look at you as a human being who is in need of physical help is a great gift to us as patients. David should definitely be considered if you are looking for a great Physical Therapist.

“David should definitely be considered if you are looking for a great Physical Therapist”

As a squash pro and avid athlete, I need all my limbs and joints working at the highest level.  Six months ago, I was suffering from inflamed stabilizer muscles around my right patella, compounded by tendonitis in that same knee.

After working at Boston Sports Medicine for a short time, I was recovered enough to start exercising again. Then, on a vacation trip, some family and I climbed Wright Peak, number 16 on the Adirondack High Peaks list. The majority of the 3.8-mile climb is moderate grade, though most of that is over treacherous rocks instead of smooth dirt. The last mile is extremely steep, and the last half mile is one brutally tough rock face. I made it to the top in an hour and 45 minutes of hard, exhausting, and almost continual hiking, and I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort in my knee. The way down was equally treacherous, but still nothing in that knee after another hour and 45.

That climb was perhaps the best testament I could have found to prove how far both of the injuries to my right knee have improved. Everyone I worked with at BSM did a phenomenal job getting me back healthy, able to get back on the squash court, and now able to push myself for three hours like I did that day, and I’m ecstatic about it. I’ve had nothing but the best to say about BSM since I started going,

Hopefully my body remains healthy, but should any injuries come up again, I’m not going anywhere else.

“I’m not going anywhere else”

I’ve been to see one of the PTs at Boston Sports Medicine several times for a knee injury and a shoulder strain. Both have been successfully resolved due to the excellent care, treatment and guidance of the physical therapist. Thanks B.L.!

“Successfully Resolved”

I wanted to send a quick thanks to Jenny at Boston Sports Medicine. She worked with me to set a plan in place to get me back to training for a marathon. Although never enjoyable to be in rehab, working with Jenny and her positive attitude and professionalism made it easier for me to come in every week and strive to get better and back to racing.

Thank you Jenny, and thank you Boston Sports Medicine for providing state of the art techniques; including the running pools.

“Positive attitude and professionalism”


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