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I spent some time at Boston Sports Medicine dealing with a pinched nerve. They were great! Very knowledgeable about what I needed, very friendly but professional approach, and most important, excellent results. I’d go back to see Becky and her team any time — highly recommended.

“Very friendly but professional approach”

I’ve been to Boston Sports Medicine for two separate rehabs now, and would certainly use them again in the future. I first started going in Spring 2011 for my shoulder, where I worked with a few therapists to rebuild strength from a surgery the year before. I felt appropriately pushed and challenged when necessary to reach new strength and flexibility goals.

When I returned in Spring 2012 for a different injury, everyone there remembered me (and hoped that I wasn’t coming back for the same thing). We’ve worked to improve my range of motion and strength of my sprained wrist while allowing me to continue playing the sport I love – ultimate [frisbee]. My therapist very easily came up with ways for me to work on my shoulder strength as well, when I was unable to grip weights due to my wrist injury. While I hope I don’t need much sports rehab in the future, giving my track record it seems very likely. And I will certainly use Boston Sports Medicine again!

“I will certainly use Boston Sports Medicine again!”

Extremely thorough, professional and knowledgeable.

I have had multiple injuries in the past few years. Boston Sports Medicine has consistently helped me recover quickly. The staff, in all of their locations, is incredibility sensitive and professional.

“The best decision I ever made!”

Dance specific rehab: My 14 yr old ballerina came to Boston Sports Medicine to receive dance specific rehab for a dislocated patella.

We go to the Watertown location to receive treatment from David Merson (PT) and Katherine Hartsell (PTA) in Allston. David and Katherine work closely together providing her with the best care she could possibly receive. Katherine, being a dancer herself understands the demands of dancer’s body and she is absolutely amazing. Her knowledge is extensive, and we cannot imagine going through this process without her. We recommend using the team of David and Kathy for any dance injury.

We are just so fortunate to have been able to receive such a high caliber of treatment and such specialized care that will enable my daughter to return safely and confidently back to dance. My daughter always looks forward to her sessions and comes out feeling uplifted!

“We are just so fortunate to have been able to receive such a high caliber of treatment”

I highly recommend the Somerville location of Boston Sports Medicine for anyone needing physical therapy. Dr. Rebecca (Becky) Lingerfelt gets an A+ for being knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. She incorporates and tracks each patient’s medical history and diagnosis into her treatment plans.  Danielle and Ned also are very professional and knowledgeable.

The facility is accessible by car and the Red Line, and it is a modest and clean environment in which you will always feel welcome regardless of your age. I suffered severe sciatic trauma starting in May but I am graduating in December pain free and with excellent results.

“You will always feel welcome regardless of your age”

I went to Boston Sports Medicine after seeing an ortho about what I feared to be a knee bursitis. I’ve been through a lot of PT before thanks to two torn ACLs and a partial foot ligament tear. I met with David who did a thorough assessment of the condition of my knee.

Not only did I find him to be totally honest, but I was so surprised to learn how well he knew the ins and outs of my health care coverage! He recommended PT only once or twice (so as to not waste my coverage plan options) and gave me excellent advice about to protect my knee in my upcoming rugby game.

After that, we got to work on moving the swelling out of my knee and what to do on my own. A week later, I was good to go! On top of all of this, David followed up with me via email to check in on my knee.

Bottom line: go see David! He’s fantastic, has great in-depth knowledge about athletic training, and is a genuine guy to boot.

“David at Boston Sports Medicine is great”

I worked with David and Evie – both of whom were great. Extremely professional and very attentive. I would also point out that they found a blood clot resulting from a recent surgery. Without their assistance I don’t think I would have identified this as a potential issue. Thank you both for all of your help.

“Thank you both for all of your help”

After herniating a disc and spending nearly three months in PT with no success, I moved over to BSM. Over the next 8 months, the founder and owner, Dr. Mike Velsmid, guided me back to stability. First using aqua-therapy (there are two therapeutic pools on site in Allston), then more traditional land therapy techniques, I slowly recovered and avoided surgery!

Mike and Kathy Hartsell and the rest of his team are tremendously knowledgeable, well trained, kind, patient and truly care about the health and welfare of their patients. Unlike previous PT experiences, BSM customizes and individualizes their care. I have recommended them to all my family, friends, and acquaintances who have any minor or major injury, including my 14 year old son.

“Tremendously knowledgeable, well trained, kind, patient and truly care”

I have been at Boston Sports Medicine for about a year now and I would have been out a lot sooner if I didn’t keep getting injured. The work I have done with Becky has helped me fully recover from two different knee surgeries (Torn ACL & Meniscus) and we are now currently trying to get my shoulders back to 100%. Becky has provided incredible care, guidance and treatment during my ACL recovery. As well as encouraging me not to give up when it was necessary for a second surgery on my knee.

We are now make tremendous strides on my shoulder recovery and we hope I will be cleared very soon! Not only has Becky been great but the whole staff has been helpful and accommodating to me and others patients. These are the many reasons why I choose Boston Sports Medicine on Elm Street and I will continue to go back anytime I have a Injury (which seems to happen a lot with me).

Thank You Becky & Lauren!!

“Incredible care, guidance and treatment”

Although I have worked with many of the therapists at Boston Sports Medicine (and they have all been amazing,) I cannot say enough about Stacey C. Not only is she highly competent in her PT duties, but personally she is very affable and truly seems to care about her patients. I have been in and out of PT for the past year and a half and unfortunately began somewhere other than BSM. I can honestly say that if I had originally started here, I think I would be pain-free by now. Not only are their facilities clean and state of the art, but they have two pools with built in treadmills for water training.

If you are in need of PT, for whatever reason, look no further. BSM is the best I have experienced and the trainers are incredible. (And if Stacey has appointments available, you will never be disappointed… sore, yes… but also grateful because you know she will get you back to full form!)

“Look no further. BSM is the best I have experienced.”

I recently had rotator cuff surgery, and I have been receiving PT from David, a thoroughly dedicated, and compassionate therapist. He is very insightful and patient, and is very professional. I would recommend this therapist and this facility to anyone who is trying to recuperate from surgery, an injury or any type of problem needing help in feeling better. Sarah in the Watertown office is also an excellent therapist as well.

“A thoroughly dedicated, and compassionate therapist”

I had my ACL replaced in July, and I have been working with Danielle to recover. It has been a great experience. My knee is noticeably better after every visit. Even when I have had set-backs, Danielle is always positive and encouraging.

The team at Boston Sports Medicine are very knowledgeable and friendly. They are always willing to work with you in scheduling appointments. I’ve never had a problem rescheduling when I get caught at work or another last minute commitment.

If you need a physical therapist, I would recommend checking out Boston Sports Medicine. I couldn’t be happier!

“I couldn’t be happier”


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