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I am a mountaineer (that would include rock and ice climbing) and a triathlete. I have a chronic back injury in the last ~8 years, and I have seen several PTs. I can really say that in my case, Dr. Velsmid’s approach is the best. He would understand the biomechanical problem, find an approach to adjust whatever is wrong, and above all – he explains the way things work. He pays attention to limitations – e.g. will try to focus on exercises that take reasonable time; would help an athlete keep on the routine and not stop doing sports.

Finally and most important – it works! After being limited in my abilities for about 4 month due to major injury, he brings me back into my beloved way of living – combining the sports that keep me happy.

– Dr. Goren. — Alon Goren, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow

“Most important – it works!”

The entire staff is super nice and welcoming. I’ve worked with Jenny for PT and would highly recommend her. I’m a runner and I chronically sprain my ankle… also have always had pains in my ankle and knee joints. Jenny really took the time to figure out exactly what was going on and also explained to me how I was straining my body. She worked with me one on one and taught me exercises that I could do on my own, I could feel my lower body slowly getting stronger. I haven’t sprained my ankle since Ive started seeing her! Jenny is awesome!

“Boston Sports Medicine is amazing!”

I was riding my bike to work when I got hit by a car and broke my leg (tibia and fibula). I’ve been coming to Boston Sports Medicine twice a week since July, and I can’t say enough good things about this place.

I didn’t really know what to expect from physical therapy, since I’d never needed it before, but I got a good vibe from this place instantly. The staff is incredibly friendly and I immediately felt welcomed. You can tell they all enjoy what they do, and working together, which fosters a really positive environment for patients.

I’ve formed a great relationship with my physical therapist, Kathy, who carefully tailored a plan to my injury and to my own specific goals. She’s always able to answer my questions, and provide additional info about the exercises and my bones and muscle groups, all while taking a sincere interest in my recovery and making the visits fun. Her care has definitely helped me get back on track ahead of schedule.

The office is often busy, but never seems overcrowded, and is always very clean. They’ve got a full arsenal of exercise equipment and tools (from treadmills to yoga mats and medicine balls), plus two therapy pools with underwater treadmills. (Seriously the coolest thing ever.)

I really enjoy going. I know I’m not just healing and getting stronger, but learning a lot about how to properly exercise and take care of myself for the rest of my life. I’ll be sad when I’m finally discharged!

If I ever need physical therapy again while I’m living in Boston, I know I’m coming back here.

“If I ever need physical therapy again while I’m living in Boston, I know I’m coming back here”

Boston Sports Medicine was recommended to me by a friend after I injured my shoulder. I could not have been more happy with my experience as a patient there. The staff is fun, energetic, knowledgeable, and they make the road to recovery an enjoyable experience. I cannot write about BSM without mentioning my physical therapist, Meaghan Harwood. Meaghan is an excellent therapist in that she is extremely intelligent, kind, and entertaining. Meaghan quickly made me feel comfortable at the Allston office and while she can crack the whip during the workouts, she knows how to keep the mood light and fun. I highly recommend Boston Sports Medicine in Allston, the staff, and especially Meaghan Harwood.

“I could not have been more happy with my experience as a patient there”

Dance specific rehab: My 14 yr old ballerina came to Boston Sports Medicine to receive dance specific rehab for a dislocated patella.

We go to the Watertown location to receive treatment from David Merson (PT) and Katherine Hartsell (PTA) in Allston. David and Katherine work closely together providing her with the best care she could possibly receive. Katherine, being a dancer herself understands the demands of dancer’s body and she is absolutely amazing. Her knowledge is extensive, and we cannot imagine going through this process without her. We recommend using the team of David and Kathy for any dance injury.

We are just so fortunate to have been able to receive such a high caliber of treatment and such specialized care that will enable my daughter to return safely and confidently back to dance. My daughter always looks forward to her sessions and comes out feeling uplifted!

“We are just so fortunate to have been able to receive such a high caliber of treatment”

I’ve been to see one of the PTs at Boston Sports Medicine several times for a knee injury and a shoulder strain. Both have been successfully resolved due to the excellent care, treatment and guidance of the physical therapist. Thanks B.L.!

“Successfully Resolved”

I have gone here for a number of different sports injuries and rehab. Each time they do a thorough exam of the injury and outline a rehab plan. I like that it’s a smaller place and you aren’t sent with an assistant over to machines to do your rehab.

For the most part you are working one on one with the PT who has devised an individualized plan for you. They are also very good about accommodating last minute visits,- this has been very helpful to me in the days before a game or race.

“Individualized attention”

I’ve been going to Boston Sports Medicine for a few months now to rehab my knee/ACL after surgery. My physical therapist is Dave and he’s great! He’s patient, explains things really well and everyone in the office is friendly and knowledgeable.They also give great tips on the little things that I can do better as I build up my knee strength and get back to normal.

PT at Boston Sports has definitely helped my recovery – I don’t think I’d be as far ahead without them. My orthopedic surgeon has noted the great progress I’ve been making – thanks to the help of Boston Sports Medicine!

“I don’t think I’d be as far ahead without them”

I have had only great experiences with the team at Boston Sports Medicine. Kathy Hartsell is especially knowledgeable and skilled with athletes and dancers. She is wonderful at creating tailored programs for each individual. Being a ballet dancer myself, I need expert care when I get injured and Boston Sports Medicine is able to provide it. Their water therapy program is the best I have encountered.

“Their water therapy program is the best I have encountered”

I came to Boston Sports Medicine for help with an injured Pec / Rhomboid / Subscapularus combo from rowing. Both Jenny and Erin were very knowledgeable and always willing to listen to what was going on. They helped me build up enough strength to finally get back on the water with my teammates. They were always friendly and willing to fit me into their schedules whenever I needed treatment. I’d definitely recommend them to anymore looking for a great PT.

“I’d definitely recommend them to anymore looking for a great PT”

I have worked with both Erin Looney and Katherine Hartsell as Boston Sports Medicine for tendonitis in my ankle. As a ballet dancer it was great to have a therapist (Kathy) who have previously been a dancer.

At BSM they provide you with a full comprehensive program to help you recover from an injury. Their approach to look at how your body functions as a whole helps in the recovery and prevention of later injuries. I now have a better understanding of how my body should work in and out of ballet classes and they have also given me many helpful exercises. I highly recommend Boston Sports Medicine to both dancers and non-dancers.

“I highly recommend Boston Sports Medicine to both dancers and non-dancers”

I highly recommend the Somerville location of Boston Sports Medicine for anyone needing physical therapy. Dr. Rebecca (Becky) Lingerfelt gets an A+ for being knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. She incorporates and tracks each patient’s medical history and diagnosis into her treatment plans.  Danielle and Ned also are very professional and knowledgeable.

The facility is accessible by car and the Red Line, and it is a modest and clean environment in which you will always feel welcome regardless of your age. I suffered severe sciatic trauma starting in May but I am graduating in December pain free and with excellent results.

“You will always feel welcome regardless of your age”


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