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This is the second time I’ve gone to Boston Sports Medicine for treatment. I recently had knee surgery to repair frequent dislocations. I am seeing Stacy for treatment and she is knowledgeable, caring and encouraging.  After a complication with my recovery, I had to temporarily cancel our appointments and Stacy even checked in to make sure I was doing okay. When I returned to PT, she was very supportive and made sure my program addressed the surgery recovery but also considered my concerns due to the complication. She also has been flexible with changes to our scheduled apts because of other unexpected medical appointments.

I enjoy going to my apts each week because she and the other staff are all very friendly and create a positive environment that really encourages recovery. I would definitely recommend Stacy and Boston Sports Medicine for anyone who is looking for physical therapy.

“Knowledgeable, caring and encouraging”

Although I have worked with many of the therapists at Boston Sports Medicine (and they have all been amazing,) I cannot say enough about Stacey C. Not only is she highly competent in her PT duties, but personally she is very affable and truly seems to care about her patients. I have been in and out of PT for the past year and a half and unfortunately began somewhere other than BSM. I can honestly say that if I had originally started here, I think I would be pain-free by now. Not only are their facilities clean and state of the art, but they have two pools with built in treadmills for water training.

If you are in need of PT, for whatever reason, look no further. BSM is the best I have experienced and the trainers are incredible. (And if Stacey has appointments available, you will never be disappointed… sore, yes… but also grateful because you know she will get you back to full form!)

“Look no further. BSM is the best I have experienced.”

I wanted to send a quick thanks to Jenny at Boston Sports Medicine. She worked with me to set a plan in place to get me back to training for a marathon. Although never enjoyable to be in rehab, working with Jenny and her positive attitude and professionalism made it easier for me to come in every week and strive to get better and back to racing.

Thank you Jenny, and thank you Boston Sports Medicine for providing state of the art techniques; including the running pools.

“Positive attitude and professionalism”

My 15 year old daughter suffered a serious meniscus tear injury with subsequent meniscus repair surgery this past winter / spring. Based on the recommendation of a friend, who was very enthusiastic about Jennifer, the BSM facility, and the underwater treadmill, (I was intrigued by the water therapy), we decided to check out BSM at the end of my daughter’s regular PT elsewhere.

Jenny spent a couple of sessions with my daughter and we were sold; my daughter would not go elsewhere to get back in shape over the summer for her soccer season this fall. According to my daughter, Jenny was supportive, friendly, motivating, and a great person to work with. Jenny is an athlete in her own right, with her own history of injuries. I believe that Jenny’s empathy, along with her knowledge and training and confidence in the rehabilitation process made her just the right person to work with a 15 year old girl who was wondering how in the hell she would get back to playing competitive sports after being out for 8 mos. Jenny provided just the right degree of guidance and coaching and athletic training for my daughter to get to the next step of her rehab, getting back to the sports that she loves. Jenny went above and beyond for us and continues to be a valuable resource.

We just returned from our 3rd or 4th soccer game and we could not be more grateful; we would recommend Jennifer and Boston Sports Medicine to any athlete.

“We would recommend Jennifer and Boston Sports Medicine to any athlete”

I first started going to Boston Sports Medicine for post surgery rehabilitation. The entire staff was fantastic from the moment I walked in. Most of my time was spent with Erin – she was amazing. Her incredible breadth of knowledge, kindness and commitment to my rehabilitation was outstanding. She worked with me every step of the way. She provided a variety of techniques for my rehab including aqua therapy, different types of massage and stretching & strengthening exercises. In addition to the treatment she provided in the clinic, Erin also taught me a variety of exercises that I continue do at home to this day.

The team at Boston Sports Medicine is truly unparalleled. If you find yourself in the unfortunate need of physical therapy, they are absolutely the team to work with.

“The entire staff was fantastic from the moment I walked in”

I’ve been going to Boston Sports Medicine for a few months now to rehab my knee/ACL after surgery. My physical therapist is Dave and he’s great! He’s patient, explains things really well and everyone in the office is friendly and knowledgeable.They also give great tips on the little things that I can do better as I build up my knee strength and get back to normal.

PT at Boston Sports has definitely helped my recovery – I don’t think I’d be as far ahead without them. My orthopedic surgeon has noted the great progress I’ve been making – thanks to the help of Boston Sports Medicine!

“I don’t think I’d be as far ahead without them”

I was a competitive gymnast for most of my life. I have seen so many DPTs growing up and I have to say, Meaghan Harwood is by far the best DPT I have ever had. I highly recommend her for all PT needs.

“The best DPT I have ever had”

I have had only great experiences with the team at Boston Sports Medicine. Kathy Hartsell is especially knowledgeable and skilled with athletes and dancers. She is wonderful at creating tailored programs for each individual. Being a ballet dancer myself, I need expert care when I get injured and Boston Sports Medicine is able to provide it. Their water therapy program is the best I have encountered.

“Their water therapy program is the best I have encountered”

I began going to Boston Sports Medicine for various injuries I got while training for a marathon. Even as someone who tries to take responsibility for my own health, there is still no substitute for gifted and attentive professionals to help you make decisions, weigh options and clue you in to the way your body works. I learned so much about my own health and how to take better care of myself. I never felt rushed or brushed off – always listened to and taken seriously by practitioners who really seem to love what they do.

PTs really give one on one care and pay attention to you and your injury. They are very experienced as well, and have the latest equipment. I have a lot of confidence in them!

“I never felt rushed or brushed off”

I have used Boston Sports Medicine over the last two years to help me with running injuries and have been to multiple locations, but mostly the Allston location. I have found them to be the most knowledgeable and most effective at diagnosing and then working on my injuries. The approach with me was not the typical – do not run – but was run, with these modifications and with the exercises, stretching, etc proscribed. They worked with me to figure out what was wrong and how to fix it. I had seen Orthopedic specialist who just said – don’t run or seems like tendinitis – versus working to solve the problem. They helped me through a stress reaction in my hip (pool running and other things were used) as well as issues in various muscle groups in my legs (marathoner).

The office is clean, busy, and very professional, while still very personable. I highly recommend them and will skip the other steps in the process from here on out and go there at the first sign of issues.

“Go there at the first sign of issues”

I am a 32 year old male, middle to long distance runner. 6 weeks into a critical training plan for an October marathon I was experiencing significant heel pain in my right foot. I was referred to Boston Sports Medicine by my running coach for the heel pain. Prior to checking in with BSM, I went to my PCP for a check up on my heel. X-rays showed nothing, and the doctor believed I was suffering from a bout of Plantar Fasciitis. Unconvinced this was the right prognosis I scheduled an appointment at BSM.

The facility is clean and cozy. The staff very friendly and helpful. I was welcomed and immediately introduced to my PT Andrew Provost. He did a general intake on my health and activity level and inquired to why I was there. Andrew was able to trouble shoot my injury within minutes to what he thought to be Achilles Tendinopathy. This is an acute overuse injury that is common in runners. We started treatment at once which included manual therapy as well as exercises and stretches. I was skeptical not of the treatment, but more if it would take hold as I was extremely active and training hard during this time. We stuck with it, and with 2 visits weekly and continued care at home I was able to stick to my training plan while improving function in my injured heel. I ran my marathon as planned and made my goal time that I had trained so hard for.

Certainly without the help of Andrew and BSM I would not have succeeded. I would highly recommend BSM to anyone who is need of physical therapy care.

“I would highly recommend BSM to anyone who is need of physical therapy care”

I’ve had treatment at BSM a couple of times over the past year for work-induced RSI problems (elbow and wrist tendonitis). I believe that the treatment I’ve received here has prevented me from developing worse problems and has allowed me to continue my career as a software developer. The staff is knowledgable, friendly, and accommodating. They also know how to treat the source of the problem rather than just the symptoms. For example, they recently performed an ergonomic assessment of my workstation and were able to identify the main culprits responsible for my problems. In summary, I highly recommend this BSM location for PT treatments without any reservations whatsoever.

“Knowledgable, Friendly, and Accommodating”


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