Boston Sports Medicine provides expert physical and rehabilitation therapy to treat a wide variety of conditions. Patients who are searching for physical therapy clinics in East Cambridge, MA can contact us to learn out more about our services. Our licensed physical therapists are specialists in many different kinds of therapy, including orthopedic, aquatic, post-surgical and sports rehabilitation treatment.

Boston Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

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Pain Treatment with Physical Therapy in East Cambridge, MA

Boston Sports Medicine provides physical therapy services that work to treat patients who have suffered from a number of various injuries and debilitating conditions. Each treatment session is conducted by a licensed physical therapist that has many years of experience. Some treatment methods that your therapist may use are:Physical Therapy Clinics East Cambridge MA

  • Stretching
  • Aerobic Exercise
  • Strengthening Exercise
  • Massage
  • Cold Laser Therapy

At Boston Sports Medicine, your care is tailored completely to you. Treatments will depend on your particular condition and range of movement. Your therapist will come up with a customized plan that works best for you.

Boston Sports Medicine Physical Therapy Clinics

Our physical therapy clinics are also a part of the Boston Ballet Health Alliance. We have experience treating professional athletes such as the Boston Breakers and Ironman triathlon competitors. There is a reason why Boston Sports Medicine is among the top physical therapy clinics in East Cambridge, MA. We are accepting new patients and you can set up your first consultation by calling us today!



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