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I began going to Boston Sports Medicine for various injuries I got while training for a marathon. Even as someone who tries to take responsibility for my own health, there is still no substitute for gifted and attentive professionals to help you make decisions, weigh options and clue you in to the way your body works. I learned so much about my own health and how to take better care of myself. I never felt rushed or brushed off – always listened to and taken seriously by practitioners who really seem to love what they do.

PTs really give one on one care and pay attention to you and your injury. They are very experienced as well, and have the latest equipment. I have a lot of confidence in them!

“I never felt rushed or brushed off”

I am a 32 year old male, middle to long distance runner. 6 weeks into a critical training plan for an October marathon I was experiencing significant heel pain in my right foot. I was referred to Boston Sports Medicine by my running coach for the heel pain. Prior to checking in with BSM, I went to my PCP for a check up on my heel. X-rays showed nothing, and the doctor believed I was suffering from a bout of Plantar Fasciitis. Unconvinced this was the right prognosis I scheduled an appointment at BSM.

The facility is clean and cozy. The staff very friendly and helpful. I was welcomed and immediately introduced to my PT Andrew Provost. He did a general intake on my health and activity level and inquired to why I was there. Andrew was able to trouble shoot my injury within minutes to what he thought to be Achilles Tendinopathy. This is an acute overuse injury that is common in runners. We started treatment at once which included manual therapy as well as exercises and stretches. I was skeptical not of the treatment, but more if it would take hold as I was extremely active and training hard during this time. We stuck with it, and with 2 visits weekly and continued care at home I was able to stick to my training plan while improving function in my injured heel. I ran my marathon as planned and made my goal time that I had trained so hard for.

Certainly without the help of Andrew and BSM I would not have succeeded. I would highly recommend BSM to anyone who is need of physical therapy care.

“I would highly recommend BSM to anyone who is need of physical therapy care”

I have gone here for a number of different sports injuries and rehab. Each time they do a thorough exam of the injury and outline a rehab plan. I like that it’s a smaller place and you aren’t sent with an assistant over to machines to do your rehab.

For the most part you are working one on one with the PT who has devised an individualized plan for you. They are also very good about accommodating last minute visits,- this has been very helpful to me in the days before a game or race.

“Individualized attention”

I have had back pain for seven years, and after seeing a couple of different chiropractors for a majority of that time (including Dr. Chuck Mael, whose office is linked to Boston Sports and who is also excellent), I decided to take a new approach in the hopes of finding a lasting solution that would eventually enable me to no longer see specialists. I elected to go to Dr. Erin Looney based on my positive experience with BSM and also because of its close proximity to my home. She is not only knowledgeable, but also kind, patient, funny, approachable, and clear in explaining her techniques. I couldn’t recommend her or this office more highly.

“I couldn’t recommend her or this office more highly”

I am a mountaineer (that would include rock and ice climbing) and a triathlete. I have a chronic back injury in the last ~8 years, and I have seen several PTs. I can really say that in my case, Dr. Velsmid’s approach is the best. He would understand the biomechanical problem, find an approach to adjust whatever is wrong, and above all – he explains the way things work. He pays attention to limitations – e.g. will try to focus on exercises that take reasonable time; would help an athlete keep on the routine and not stop doing sports.

Finally and most important – it works! After being limited in my abilities for about 4 month due to major injury, he brings me back into my beloved way of living – combining the sports that keep me happy.

– Dr. Goren. — Alon Goren, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow

“Most important – it works!”

Super convenient hours (open before and after work), extremely nice and knowledgeable staff, facility and equipment are clean and modern.

“Super convenient hours (open before and after work), extremely nice and knowledgeable staff, facility and equipment are clean and modern.”

I was a competitive gymnast for most of my life. I have seen so many DPTs growing up and I have to say, Meaghan Harwood is by far the best DPT I have ever had. I highly recommend her for all PT needs.

“The best DPT I have ever had”

I very rarely post reviews but feel the need to comment on the service that I’ve received from Boston Sports Medicine in Watertown, MA. I was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff and went to see Evie and can’t express how impressed I am with her expertise.

When I have gone in and have made what I think are irrelevant comments about something I have done that has caused pain or an issue with my shoulder, Evie has repeatedly been able to pin point the exact location of the pain and the cause. She actually figured out a condition that I had before I went to my surgeon and she was spot on with what I was diagnosed with. I am continually impressed but her knowledge. The entire staff at the office is professional, polite and accommodating to the patients they see. At times there are quite a few patients being worked on at the same time but I have never felt that I was being rushed or neglected.

If I have another injury I know where I will be heading. Thanks for all of the hard work and special care you give!

“Thanks for all of the hard work and special care you give!”

I recently had rotator cuff surgery, and I have been receiving PT from David, a thoroughly dedicated, and compassionate therapist. He is very insightful and patient, and is very professional. I would recommend this therapist and this facility to anyone who is trying to recuperate from surgery, an injury or any type of problem needing help in feeling better. Sarah in the Watertown office is also an excellent therapist as well.

“A thoroughly dedicated, and compassionate therapist”

I absolutely LOVED my time at Boston Sports Medicine, the staff is super friendly and knows how to make you feel right at home so you’re comfortable. I have tried other physical therapy offices and no where was anywhere good as Boston Sports Med.

My therapist, Meaghan, was absolutely amazing, and I feel that with her help I made a full recovery from my injury, and I am much stronger than I ever was before. Now I can go back to dancing my heart out 24/7!

“I absolutely LOVED my time at Boston Sports Medicine”

The staff is great and are very professional, kind, and knowledgable.

For PT I have been working with Dr. Erin Looney for about a year and a half due to structural hip issues and she’s fantastic.  She has a very extensive knowledge of the body and will explain everything to me in a very helpful way.  I started going to her before I had hip surgery and she helped me prepare my body really well leading up to surgery as well as recover afterward.

They also have Chiropractice services with Dr. Mael who has been incredibly wonderful in assisting me with my back, neck, and shoulders.

The facility is updated and clean and there are even single person pools for aquatic therapy!

“I’ve had nothing but wonderful experiences with Boston Sports Medicine”

I have been at Boston Sports Medicine for about a year now and I would have been out a lot sooner if I didn’t keep getting injured. The work I have done with Becky has helped me fully recover from two different knee surgeries (Torn ACL & Meniscus) and we are now currently trying to get my shoulders back to 100%. Becky has provided incredible care, guidance and treatment during my ACL recovery. As well as encouraging me not to give up when it was necessary for a second surgery on my knee.

We are now make tremendous strides on my shoulder recovery and we hope I will be cleared very soon! Not only has Becky been great but the whole staff has been helpful and accommodating to me and others patients. These are the many reasons why I choose Boston Sports Medicine on Elm Street and I will continue to go back anytime I have a Injury (which seems to happen a lot with me).

Thank You Becky & Lauren!!

“Incredible care, guidance and treatment”


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