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I am overwhelmed by the professionalism and skill of the both Becky and Dave at this location! My therapy has been with Becky and my condition improved dramatically. The atmosphere was relaxed and upbeat. The personalities of these two therapists added to the overall therapy. I am not one to make therapy appointments but going here has made me want to keep my appointments.

My highest recommendation for either Becky or Dave at this location!! They are skilled, knowledgable and quite enjoyable.

“The atmosphere was relaxed and upbeat”

I absolutely LOVED my time at Boston Sports Medicine, the staff is super friendly and knows how to make you feel right at home so you’re comfortable. I have tried other physical therapy offices and no where was anywhere good as Boston Sports Med.

My therapist, Meaghan, was absolutely amazing, and I feel that with her help I made a full recovery from my injury, and I am much stronger than I ever was before. Now I can go back to dancing my heart out 24/7!

“I absolutely LOVED my time at Boston Sports Medicine”

The staff at BSM are great. They really take the time to find out what’s going on. I highly recommend this group for sport related injuries.

I visited Boston Sports Medicine after becoming injured while training for a marathon. Unlike the doctors I saw, who seemed more interested in giving me drugs and getting me out the door, the staff at BSM helped me to better understand my body, providing information that shed new light on my injury. I was given practical tools (such as stretches and strength training exercises) to prevent a reoccurrence of injury and I sat down on several occasions with my health care provider to receive feedback on the pros/cons of my training schedule. They were extremely thorough and attentive, and even went so far as to conduct weekly follow-up communication with me after treatment to insure that the strength training and stretching exercises we’d discussed were serving their purpose. I would strongly recommend BSM to anyone seeking quality physical therapy care and would certainly return to them if I required medical services in the future.

“Great Service & Staff”

I hurt my hip while mountain biking and was experiencing a lot of pain on long rides or intense efforts. I initially went to a PT in Kendall Sq. and, after 3 months of PT for what they diagnosed as a muscle strain, I felt that I had plateaued. I wasn’t able to race or ride often and the PT clinic wasn’t interested in investigating what else could be wrong. On the recommendation of some other cyclists who had seen Sara Bresnick, I switched over to BSM.

After feeling that the PTs at the last clinic were so dismissive, I was relieved that Sara is genuinely invested in figuring out what the problem is and getting me fixed up. She diagnosed that my pelvis is out of alignment, which the previous PT never even checked for, and is likely the root of the ongoing discomfort and pain that I’ve been experiencing. We have a treatment plan and she is covering all the bases by sending me to an ortho to rule out the possibility of a more severe injury. It’s such a relief to feel like I’ll be able to ride my bike comfortably again in the near future and it’s especially helpful to have a PT who understands and appreciates my goals with riding and racing.

“It’s especially helpful to have a PT who understands and appreciates my goals with riding and racing”

I began going to Boston Sports Medicine for various injuries I got while training for a marathon. Even as someone who tries to take responsibility for my own health, there is still no substitute for gifted and attentive professionals to help you make decisions, weigh options and clue you in to the way your body works. I learned so much about my own health and how to take better care of myself. I never felt rushed or brushed off – always listened to and taken seriously by practitioners who really seem to love what they do.

PTs really give one on one care and pay attention to you and your injury. They are very experienced as well, and have the latest equipment. I have a lot of confidence in them!

“I never felt rushed or brushed off”

My 2nd stint of PT for two separate injuries and I couldn’t be happier. Everyone is very nice and welcoming. Erin is the BEST. She listens, explains and then works as hard on me as I do to succeed. This is a dedicated team of enthusiastic and caring professionals. Easy to get to, free parking and clean facility. The water therapy treatment pool is second to none. Want to get and feel better? Go to Boston Sports Medicine.

“The water therapy treatment pool is second to none”

Stacy is a wonderful therapist that is understanding and willing to work with my pain level. She is very genuine and always smiling. She is always willing to lend a helping hand to all therapists around the clinic. I highly recommend working with Stacy when you come to Boston Sports Medicine in Allston.

“I highly recommend working with Stacy”

Ok, so I had some pretty major injuries after getting run over by a car! Anyway my ankle was MESSED and I didn’t even realize it till the Percocet wore off a month later. Nothing MRI torn or x-ray broken but unable to walk. Also in the back of my mind I was hoping I was going to be able to ride my bike as soon as possible so I could still be in shape and do some racing in the Fall (injury in March).

Well, a friend referred me to see Sara Bresnick, former women’s World Cup Mountain Bike Pro. Whether it was Sara’s sense of humor or actual skill, I left feeling better after Day 1. Obviously it was a long road going in twice a week for a few months, but I am really happy with the way the PT went and how quickly Sara was able to help me recover and get on my bike so quickly without impairing my recovery time.

For a while I was worried I’d never be able to walk without pain again but eventually I was running and hiking again too. Sara was always able to help me find solid appointment times and it was really great to go to a physical therapist who understood that I wanted to be active and athletic again and that healing this to 80% was not okay!

Anyway, if you are a serious athlete with an injury I highly recommend Sara Bresnick as someone who can coach you through the recovery process far better than I ever imagined.

“I left feeling better after Day 1”

It’s so awesome to work with a physical therapist who understands competitive athletes. Last summer, I crashed hard at a track bike racing clinic right before I was scheduled to start training for my cyclocross racing season; the crash screwed up my back and made cycling–particularly, intense efforts–really painful. After doing physical therapy with Sara at Boston Sports Medicine, though, the pain lessened and I was able to resume serious training in a matter of weeks!

“I was able to resume serious training in a matter of weeks!”

Dance specific rehab: My 14 yr old ballerina came to Boston Sports Medicine to receive dance specific rehab for a dislocated patella.

We go to the Watertown location to receive treatment from David Merson (PT) and Katherine Hartsell (PTA) in Allston. David and Katherine work closely together providing her with the best care she could possibly receive. Katherine, being a dancer herself understands the demands of dancer’s body and she is absolutely amazing. Her knowledge is extensive, and we cannot imagine going through this process without her. We recommend using the team of David and Kathy for any dance injury.

We are just so fortunate to have been able to receive such a high caliber of treatment and such specialized care that will enable my daughter to return safely and confidently back to dance. My daughter always looks forward to her sessions and comes out feeling uplifted!

“We are just so fortunate to have been able to receive such a high caliber of treatment”

This was my first experience with physical therapy, but I can say it was amazing. I was seen for hip flexor tendonitis and was feeling bummed about my ability to get back into running. The staff (especially my therapist – Erin) were positive and supportive throughout the process, and they helped me overcome the mental hurdles to recovery as well as the physical ones – and the mental ones can certainly be bigger!

As far as the therapy itself, the office was well-equipped, neat, and clean. They have 2 big pools for aquatic therapy, which was amazing! The therapists always check in with how you are doing each session, and they seem to really customize and change your treatment according to what you need. They were always able to answer my questions and seemed knowledgeable.

I can’t really say anything bad about my experience. I would certainly go back if I needed further help, and I would recommend this place to anyone.

“I can say it was amazing”

I’ve had treatment at BSM a couple of times over the past year for work-induced RSI problems (elbow and wrist tendonitis). I believe that the treatment I’ve received here has prevented me from developing worse problems and has allowed me to continue my career as a software developer. The staff is knowledgable, friendly, and accommodating. They also know how to treat the source of the problem rather than just the symptoms. For example, they recently performed an ergonomic assessment of my workstation and were able to identify the main culprits responsible for my problems. In summary, I highly recommend this BSM location for PT treatments without any reservations whatsoever.

“Knowledgable, Friendly, and Accommodating”


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