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Stacy is wonderful and I highly recommend her. I’ve been seeing her for a couple months now for torn ligaments in my ankle. Not only is she highly knowledgeable, but she really listens to you to come up with the next best steps to take in your treatment. I really trust her expertise in designing the right programs for me, and I have a complete sense that she cares about my progress and recovery as much as I do. You don’t find that with everyone, but with her, it’s absolutely the case. She’s very encouraging, which helps push me to work harder at perfecting the exercises she gives me. She also is very accommodating of my schedule, which helps, being a working professional with a busy schedule. On top of all of that, she’s a really fun, nice person.

More broadly speaking, the facility itself is very clean, comfortable and convenient to get to, with parking available right out front every time I’ve gone at least (typically weekdays, early morning).

Overall, I could not more highly recommend Boston Sports Medicine, and particularly Stacy for her top quality physical therapy services.

“I could not more highly recommend Boston Sports Medicine”

I spent some time at Boston Sports Medicine dealing with a pinched nerve. They were great! Very knowledgeable about what I needed, very friendly but professional approach, and most important, excellent results. I’d go back to see Becky and her team anytime — highly recommended.

“Highly Recommended”

I have had back pain for seven years, and after seeing a couple of different chiropractors for a majority of that time (including Dr. Chuck Mael, whose office is linked to Boston Sports and who is also excellent), I decided to take a new approach in the hopes of finding a lasting solution that would eventually enable me to no longer see specialists. I elected to go to Dr. Erin Looney based on my positive experience with BSM and also because of its close proximity to my home. She is not only knowledgeable, but also kind, patient, funny, approachable, and clear in explaining her techniques. I couldn’t recommend her or this office more highly.

“I couldn’t recommend her or this office more highly”

I have gone here for a number of different sports injuries and rehab. Each time they do a thorough exam of the injury and outline a rehab plan. I like that it’s a smaller place and you aren’t sent with an assistant over to machines to do your rehab.

For the most part you are working one on one with the PT who has devised an individualized plan for you. They are also very good about accommodating last minute visits,- this has been very helpful to me in the days before a game or race.

“Individualized attention”

I had my ACL replaced in July, and I have been working with Danielle to recover. It has been a great experience. My knee is noticeably better after every visit. Even when I have had set-backs, Danielle is always positive and encouraging.

The team at Boston Sports Medicine are very knowledgeable and friendly. They are always willing to work with you in scheduling appointments. I’ve never had a problem rescheduling when I get caught at work or another last minute commitment.

If you need a physical therapist, I would recommend checking out Boston Sports Medicine. I couldn’t be happier!

“I couldn’t be happier”

I began going to Boston Sports Medicine for various injuries I got while training for a marathon. Even as someone who tries to take responsibility for my own health, there is still no substitute for gifted and attentive professionals to help you make decisions, weigh options and clue you in to the way your body works. I learned so much about my own health and how to take better care of myself. I never felt rushed or brushed off – always listened to and taken seriously by practitioners who really seem to love what they do. This was the best experience I have ever had with a health care provider of any kind.

“Raises the bar”

I recently worked with Dave and his intern Meghan for the last few months and they were just fabulous. Dave knew exactly what to do from the beginning and made sure that I left every visit feeling better than when I walked in.

After a few weeks, Dave asked if I minded if his intern did the sessions and he would observe and step in when necessary. Meghan was great, she did a lot of hands on work with me and really focused on my shoulder but also other components that play a role with the injury (e.g. neck, hand). They also made sure that I was progressing appropriately through the process and pushed me with encouragement when I needed it.

Dave not only is a great physical therapist but a great teacher and I feel that with his guidance Meghan will be very successful in this field as well. I strongly recommend anyone looking for a physical therapist to make an appointment here, you will not be disappointed.

“I strongly recommend anyone looking for a physical therapist to make an appointment here”

My 2nd stint of PT for two separate injuries and I couldn’t be happier. Everyone is very nice and welcoming. Erin is the BEST. She listens, explains and then works as hard on me as I do to succeed. This is a dedicated team of enthusiastic and caring professionals. Easy to get to, free parking and clean facility. The water therapy treatment pool is second to none. Want to get and feel better? Go to Boston Sports Medicine.

“The water therapy treatment pool is second to none”

I have been to many PT offices over the years and these guys are the best. Very clean busy office, I originally saw them while pregnant with my second and having major back issues (two flared herniated discs), saw them again during my third pregnancy and did the water therapy, they have two salt water pools and the treatment is great. I return from time to time with lower back or neck issues and after a few visits I am good to go.

– Alex C.

“Boston Sports Medicine is great”

Extremely thorough, professional and knowledgeable.

I have had multiple injuries in the past few years. Boston Sports Medicine has consistently helped me recover quickly. The staff, in all of their locations, is incredibility sensitive and professional.

“The best decision I ever made!”

It’s so awesome to work with a physical therapist who understands competitive athletes. Last summer, I crashed hard at a track bike racing clinic right before I was scheduled to start training for my cyclocross racing season; the crash screwed up my back and made cycling–particularly, intense efforts–really painful. After doing physical therapy with Sara Bresnick at Boston Sports Medicine, though, the pain lessened and I was able to resume serious training in a matter of weeks!

“Understands competitive athletes”

The entire staff is super nice and welcoming. I’ve worked with Jenny for PT and would highly recommend her. I’m a runner and I chronically sprain my ankle… also have always had pains in my ankle and knee joints. Jenny really took the time to figure out exactly what was going on and also explained to me how I was straining my body. She worked with me one on one and taught me exercises that I could do on my own, I could feel my lower body slowly getting stronger. I haven’t sprained my ankle since Ive started seeing her! Jenny is awesome!

“Boston Sports Medicine is amazing!”


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